Quick Easy Phone Apps You Can Use To Make Money

We as a society are so busy and always on our phone chatting, texting, watching and posting. So why not use that to your advantage and make some money while using your phone. None of these suggestions are going to make you a millionaire but they are a great way to kill some time and make some cash at the same time. I love using these apps while I am watching TV or on a bus just to keep me active doing something else. 


If you love shopping especially online and you're not using a cashback website then you are losing out on some great bargains. Just think as it as an extra discount or getting money for something you were already going to buy anyway. Topcashback is a fantastic way to get a rainy day fund and it is really easy to use. You can either use the website or the app depending on where you like to do your shopping from but if you use my Topcashback link you can get £10 just for joining up and having a look around. I use the app when I am ordering a take away through just eat or uber eats and you get a percentage of that shop back. There are some great offers and they are always adapting, all you have to do is go onto the app/website search for whoever you're going to shop from and it will take note that you purchased and back. 

So lets say you're going to order a food shop from Asda to collect or be delivered, you go onto Topcashback search Asda and the current cashback you can get is £10 back on a £48 shop if you're a new customer or £2.50 if you already shop with them. you click the offer and Topcashback takes you to Asda you do your shop as normal and it will record that you made a purchase. It is safe and easy to use and if you just go to websites through the app to make your purchases the money adds up quickly. There is a pending time for the money from your cashback to become available which varies with each place but it is usually pretty quick.


I use two apps on my phone that involve videos, one watching and one making. Lets start with the easiest, all you have to do on Weare8 is watch videos and then answer 2-3 multiple choice questions about the video. This is usually just if you like the video. The videos are mostly no longer than 30 seconds. The thing I like about this one is not only do you earn money for yourself but also for charities too at the same time. So you are earning cash but also doing a good deed too! you can also explore the page and post pictures about positive changes in the world it can be fun to explore and see what people are doing to make a difference. 

The next app I use is Influence it is an interesting app where you get questions to answer on video. Don't worry I usually look awful when I make my videos as you have to grab them quick while they are available. The videos aren't public though so it will only be you and the researcher who sees them. So no need to feel shy they are just usually asking opinions on new products or asking about where you shop. Sometimes they even send out products for you to try and you get higher paying videos for these too. It is really quick to do the videos only have to be about 15-30 seconds long and I love trying new things so it is fun to find out what is coming next. 


I have spoke about some of my go to survey sites before and I stand by Attapoll being a great way to earn a few pounds and quickly too. The money becomes instantly available once you complete the survey and you can cash out as soon as you reach £3 which is easily achieved. The money can be transferred instantly so this is a great way if you are in need of some quick cash. I just do the odd survey while I am watching something and then leave the money to build up until I need it. If you use my Attapoll surveys referral you can start with 40p straight away and I will get 20p. 

The last app I have recently been using is Qmee another survey app. I haven't cashed out on this one as just yet but you only have to get to £5 to be able to I am trying to build up until I get to £20 and have only been using it for a few days but there are lots of easy and quick surveys and it is really easy to use. I like the layout and the surveys are easy to complete. You can also use the app to find bargain deals and even get cashback too so it is a great one stop shop if you want to try something out without committing to all the apps mentioned already. 


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