5 Cozy Games I have been loving

 Hey Cats, 

I have always loved gaming since I was a kid but to in Covid when I discovered there was a whole genre just dedicated to cozy gaming was just awesome. Ever since I have been hooked and I wanted to share some of my favourite games with you! These are the kind of games you can just kick back and unwind and forget about the stress of your day with. I honestly love them as you can get lost in them and just feel warm and fuzzy. They are also really beginner friendly so if you have never picked up a game before these are a great place to get started. I love playing all kinds of games so if cozy games aren't for you check out my review of Road 96.


The OG of the genre for me has to be The Sims right now I love playing Sims 4. I play on my PlayStation but it is available across xbox and PC also. Just for anyone who doesn't know you create your own Sim and over the years the options have become so much more inclusive. Your sim can be a representation of yourself or just completely random. Half the fun is creating them and their personality. You then go out into the vast Sim world for which there are a ton of expansion packs to explore. I particularly love and recommend 'Cottage living' where you live in a super cute village where you can have animals if you like and ride around on a basket clad bike. Another realm I dig is magic where you can train in spells and even gain the ability to make your Sim immortal. This is handy when you get attached to a Sim and don't want them to grow old and die...although in the Sim world you can still interact with them as Ghosts. I love the exploring aspect of Sims where others enjoy creating amazing houses. What is your go to on the Sims?  

Animal Crossing

Another game which is a switch exclusive that I am sure everyone and their dog has now played is Animal crossing New Horizons but who could blame them? It delivers on so many levels, cute animals (check) , design your home (check), escape the world for a desert island (yes please) and just creating the cutest friendships. I sunk hundreds of hours into Animal crossing and it really helped me get through some sad times. Logging on and hearing the calming waves and running along the beach to see my cute besties and just creating a fun space. I love how creative the community are and that you can visit others islands. I have been to some crazy amazing islands and have had hours of fun creating my own, having friends over and just chilling out. Also the sheer joy you experience when someone new moves to the island. Who is your favourite islander?

Disney Dreamlight Valley 

The most recent addition to my gaming addiction is Disney's Dreamlight valley where you can play with all your favourite Disney pal and create a magical space where you get fun tasks to do. This is available on PC, Playstation, xbox and switch I have been playing on switch. I love how Disney have combined lots of my favourite elements in games like creating friendships, cooking, searching for and collecting objects and fishing. As well as making an amazing home and valley to share with Mickey and friends. The great thing as it is a newer game that will be released free very soon the developers are really listening to what we want. The only thing that made me sad is when they changed Donald's grumpy outbursts I just love Donald but a lot of people found it all a bit much so they toned them down but i do smile when he still has a moment. All emotions are valid and that's important to represent even in a cozy space. Most recently there was a cool path you could complete tasks to unlock Disney rides to add to your valley and now I have collected them all I just need to set them all up. I am not big on designing in fact when I used to play Sims with my little bro he loved designing the houses and I loved the relationship building so we make a killer team. The great thing with all these games is they are so much fun even just to watch others play and get ideas for changes to your own layout.  

Stardew Valley

If you love farming then Stardew Valley is the game for you and it is crazy cheap for the amount of endless gameplay you can get from it. To make it even more wholesome the game developer Concerned Ape loves chatting with the community. It is mind blowing that one person created this game as it is packed with fun things to do. This is the kind of game you start playing and then look up and hours have just vanished. The best thing is you can also play with friends and have multiple saves so you can explore all the different kinds of farms which all offer something a little different. There is so much to explore and so many easter eggs to find ....sometimes literally. The game isn't in real time either so you will never run out of things to do as you simply just go onto the next day, the next season and the next year. I am beyond excited for the next spooky installment from concerned ape as he is currently working on a similar game called the Haunted Chocolatier. Ghosts and chocolate sign me right up!! For me this is probably the game I can get most lost in and destress from real life.


A really super cute short game i really enjoyed exploring was Calico. You get to ride cats and run the cutest bakery while wearing the cutest outfits and befriending rabbits. It is all super surreal and cute and you wont be able to help but smile at the witchy theme and cute cats you will encounter along the way. The gameplay can be a little janky at times but power through those brief moments and keep exploring. this is just an adorable and sweet game that makes you want to hug all the cats. 

What games have you been loving recently?  


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