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 Moving house can be one of the most stressful situations if you are not prepared. Here's some tips to ease the commotion and make it a better, memorable experience.  

Reflecting on our moving experience would we change anything? Advise any tips to help others? Absolutely, so here are some tips to help you out. 

Make a list 

First things first, this may sound crazy but we documented each room's items so we knew what was coming with us when packing. This mentally helps you organise mess but also helps you realise - Do we actually need this? Can we also declutter in the process? Well, it did for me. I love a good list. I even do these for going away on holiday or cleaning the house. It's rather therapeutic. 

De-clutter as you go 

Coming back to this point, do I need this? Donate anything you don’t need to charity, sell on Facebook market, Vinted whatever works for you. We donated a ton of items to charity and sold some bits and bobs. Do what’s convenient for you at the time, maybe those extra pennies can go towards a moving service to take away the pressure. 

Collect boxes

You are going to need more boxes than you probably think you will need. Take a look in your local supermarkets as they sometimes give away boxes for free so make use of these. Check locally is anyone giving any away for example Facebook market? Estate groups? If you’ve no luck you can purchase packs if you want or think of other ways of storing your belongings. Do you have any suitcases? Can you borrow some from any friends or family? 

Extra packing tip:  We used clothes to wrap up fragile objects which worked out perfectly as it saved adding more plastic to the environment so it’s eco-friendly too. You will also save a lot of space. 

What if you can’t be bothered with the stress? Is there something else you can do to avoid it? Yes, of course. 

Call the professionals to help  

Image: Stella Moving and Delivery

Now, you could do it yourself but how many trips would you need to do? How much time would it take? How do you know who to trust with your valuables? Stella Moving and Delivery can help take the stress away for you and help ease the anxiety of moving that little bit more. Let a reputable company help Especially with the larger items such as pianos, art work, furniture and get them delivered all in one piece. Maybe you want them to pack for you? They can really minimize the stress moving can cause and make moving into your new home an enjoyable experience . 

Worried about moving long distances? These long distance moving in San Diego have everything to hand to help you feel less worried and more comfortable! 

We also provide quality packing services, and even a secure storage facility under 24-hour surveillance in case you can’t bring everything with you on your new adventure” 

Using a removal service can reduce you worries and take that weight off your shoulders so why not check them out. 

What’s important?

When you move in you may not have a wardrobe straight away, one of the best tips I can give you is pack a week's worth of clothes as though you are going on vacation so you have them to hand. Make sure you know where your toothbrush, hair brush, medications, makeup. Anything you class as essential to get you through a day. This will help you feel more relaxed when you get into your new house. 


The easy parts are done once the move is complete and if you’ve used a company to help take away the drama they can also help you load the boxes into the correct rooms so you don’t have to rummage through stories of boxes.

Use a permanent marker to write on your boxes which room you’d like your belongings. I did this and it was so much easier I even wrote a couple of items to remind myself what was in those boxes. 

Don’t forget to give any boxes to anyone else in need or recycle them. 

Move completed, where should you start? 

Firstly, make your bed up so you are ready to get a good night's sleep because even the thought of moving can be overwhelming so, why not leave those boxes just another day and soak in the day as you’ve become a new home owner. Order a takeaway and write a list of to do’s for tomorrow and relax. 

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