Planning Your First Post-Pandemic Excursion

 So, the pandemic might not be officially “over” as of yet but, for most of us, life has returned to some kind of normalcy. Vaccinations are spreading, we’re getting used to new (albeit shifting) guidelines on how to stay safe, and a lot of people are back in the workplace. As such, you might be looking forward to that much-needed vacation. All the same kinds of tips are going to apply, but there may be some new tips to keep in mind, too. Here are a few.

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You should be vetting destinations before you head off to them

If you’re taking the pandemic seriously then you might be living a little more freely than you were at this point last year, but you still understand the need for caution and vigilance. This doesn’t mean that you should cast any idea of travel aside, but you should make sure that you’re visiting destinations that aren’t experiencing the worst of the pandemic at the moment. Websites like can help you get an idea of the infection rate, as well as what policies the government is enforcing to keep the pandemic under control. The truth is that there are plenty of places where travel is recommended because the rate is relatively low.

Additional safeguards are necessary

Even now, countries may change their restrictions on how travel is allowed. Furthermore, there is just more opportunity for your plans to change depending on local government policy. As such, it’s a good idea to make sure that you safeguard yourself throughout the trip. Putting more towards an emergency budget can help you ensure you’re not stranded without cash or anywhere to stay. Furthermore, you should never travel without travel insurance, nowadays. It can help you prepare for all the little unexpected and unwelcome twists, not to mention making sure that you get the care you need if you are injured or you fall sick along the way and need treatment.

Travel restrictions are changing even outside of COVID

While the pandemic has been going on, time has still been ticking and many destinations have changed their rules and guidelines revolving around travel, even in ways that aren’t related to the pandemic. One of the biggest examples is in Europe and the Schengen zone, where travelers from outside that area are going to be required to apply and pay for permission to visit, even in cases where visas are not necessary. Take a look at sites like to get the skinny on how new rules might affect your trip in general, depending on where you are going. It might not make for a major change, but you should be sure that you know the entry and travel requirements of any place that you’re visiting.

Choose places with good cancellation policies

You should make sure that you read any policies your hotels and airlines have, paying more attention to the fine print where you can. After all, as mentioned, cancellations and plan changes can happen at any point now. As such, you should make sure that you are choosing accommodation and airlines that offer full cancellation and refund policies, or at least as close to full as you can get. Otherwise, you could end up putting your money into planning a great vacation, only to find that when it gets canceled, you only get a small portion of your money back. Look at sites like for examples of the kind of cancellation policies you should be looking for.

Don’t expect the “full” experience

Countries may be open for travel and the tourism industry might be starting to get started back up in many of those countries. However, you should be patient and kind when visiting those countries, because the people there are also adjusting to getting back to normal. What’s more, you should do your research on attractions that are open, events that are going ahead as planned, and where you can go when you reach your destination. The vast majority of places are still running in a state of being semi-open, so you shouldn’t expect the kind of trip that you might have had before the pandemic struck, by any means.

The effects of COVID are still being felt through the travel and tourism industries and it has changed how we travel. However, with the tips above, you can make sure that you’re ready to get back out into the world and enjoy your first vacation in a long time.


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