Avoid Holiday Nightmares and Get Travel Insurance

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We all love travel and planning trips,  booking lovely places to stay and exciting ways to get there but sometimes we forget about one of the most important things for any trip. When travelling abroad one of the most important things you plan on your trip should be making sure you book a great insurance cover. I know it can be super tempting not to bother and have a little extra spending money but when you need it you realise how important it is. Even the best plans can fall apart and it is completely out of your hands.

Lost and Stolen

It is everyones worst nightmare to be on the other side of the world and to lose something important. It can be anything from your luggage getting lost or having your money and passport stolen. Luckily they can be replaced if you have insurance and yes you may feel like your holiday has been spoiled  but you still have a chance of fixing it.

My little brother went on holiday with my aunt and on the holiday they kept the valuables including money, phones, passports and even gameboys in the safe in the room thinking they were protected. Sadly they were stolen but due to us having travel insurance we were able to act fast and make sure that he had his money gameboy and passport returned as did my aunt with her insurance. Sadly a friend of my aunts who went didn't have insurance and really struggled to get help. There are two lessons to be learnt here that one of course get travel insurance but also be careful when storing valuables. Don't keep them all in one place and keep important items like passports with you. 


As a UK traveller it is important to remember that not all countries are blessed with the NHS and free health care is unheard of. A medical emergency can pop up when you least expect it. I worked in a job where travelling with young people was a main part of my role and on almost every trip we had to use medical side of our travel insurance . On one trip a girl fell off a horse and on another a boy burnt himself making a cup of tea and these were 20+ young adults! They are silly little accidents that can happen in the blink of an eye and could happen to anyone because lets face it we all love a good brew.

Your insurance can cover you for any emergency trips to hospital and any stays you may need or even if you have to go home early. Make sure when booking your insurance you;re covered for the worst case scenario.

Trip Cancellation

When you book a trip you have no idea what will happen in your future. You may lose your job, have a bereavement or your trip may get cancelled on the other side. If you have your insurance covered and a valid reason for cancelling then you will not end up being out of pocket. Now I don't think there are many insurance companies that will refund you for a break up you may need to find an amicable agreement that someone buys the other out and goes on the trip but if you can't and they refuse to go then you may be able to get their side covered which could fund your solo trip. 

Travel Issues

There are lots of times when have all been waiting for delayed trains and planes and they can be frustrating. Even more frustrating if you have more than one to catch and end up missing your connection. In most occurrences travel companies can be reasonable and get you on the next flight. However we all have that pre holiday nightmare that the alarm won't go off or the car won't start and we end up missing the flight....sometimes this happens and when you just haven't showed then most travel companies will show no mercy. This is where your travel insurance becomes your best bud again and saves the day. You can jump on a flight and soak up the sun after a few annoying phone calls but a small price to pay in return for a fab holiday. 


Over the last few years airlines and hotels filing into bankruptcy have been a reality for many holiday makers. Just imagine being on holiday and finding out the company who are meant to fly you home have vanished. This is exactly what happened to my partners grandparents. They were on holiday in Spain having a lovely time and suddenly news dropped that their airline was gone and not honouring any of the flights. They were due to fly home the next day!! luckily they had some cash and were able to book an extra couple of weeks in their apartment and when they got hold of the insurance company not only did they sort the flight but also paid for the extra few weeks too. Although they enjoyed their extended stay they were happy to come home and have actually been a little put off travelling abroad.

In all there are lots of reasons to pay out that extra bit of cash to make sure you are safe!

Do you have any holiday horror stories?



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