Lessons To Learn From Lockdown Dating

 Hey love bugs,

As we slowly start to ease back out of lockdown the possibility of meeting new people and going to new places seems super exciting. It’s a strange and difficult time for us all and we have all been on our own journeys. Dating over lockdown has been its own challenge and we spoke about fun ways to keep it dating during a pandemic. There are a few things we can keep in our dating lives from that experience. 

Online dating 

More people stepped into the world of online dating while stuck at home. It’s a great way to meet people without leaving your house. It’s no longer taboo to meet a potential partner online and you can find site that are local to you. For example if you live in Scotland and are looking to get into Glasgow dating you can now join a Glasgow dating site to meet more local singles. There are a variety of websites that you can join up with for all areas, tastes and desires. 

Take your time 

Being forced not to go out has really made us all slow down and I certainly value now that life doesn’t have to be rushing all the time. It’s important to take time to think about things and with dating that space is even more valuable in developing lasting relationships. Take the time to get to know each other, chat and have fun before things get serious. 

Try a video date 

On the same note of taking more time whether or not you’re online dating you can still keep elements of the virtual world in your dating life. I have spoken about how great video dates can when face to face dates can’t. When me and my partner got together 7 years ago we lived a fair distance from each other. So it wasn’t always realistic both financially and physically to have a zillion person to person dates. This can work for you as well. Like when working you may not have the time to go out and travel home by a certain time but with a video date it’s easy. You can make time in any schedule to hang out for an hour and eat together at lunch or when you get home before bed. These kinds of dates also give a little insight to you and your daily life too and you can be comfortable in your own environment. Plus who doesn’t love a little peek at their new date's apartment without having to go there? 

Explore your options 

Chatting to new people from all kinds of backgrounds is a fun experience in itself you get to learn so much about the world. By chatting online to people you get the chance to talk to people that you may never meet in your daily life. I live in a village so that could make meeting new people tricky if I was to jump back on the dating scene so if you’re in a similar position online dating is a great way to make more connections, romantic or not. 

Did you learn anything new about dating during lockdown that you want to keep up? 


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