Engagement Ring Day To Day Care Tips

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If you are the proud owner of a sparkling diamond engagement ring, you will no doubt want to show it to the world and why not indeed? If you are like most newly engaged girls, there’s no way that sparkling diamond is ever going to leave your finger. While there’s nothing wrong with that, here are a few day-to-day care tips to keep your diamond engagement ring is good condition.


♦ Knowing When To Remove The Ring – This is not something you will want to do, but there are times when the ring is better off in your pocket than on your finger. Activities such as playing sports, working out, gardening, washing the car are all times to remove the ring. Make sure to store it in a safe place. There would be a custom designed pink diamond ring for sale from a reputable online jeweller, should you be looking for the perfect pink diamond ring.
♦ Be Careful with Chemicals – Harsh chemicals can tarnish both the precious metal and the diamonds, so never wear your engagement ring when using cleaning solutions. Bleach is known to harm diamonds and emeralds, so don’t forget to remove all your rings prior to cleaning the kitchen or bathroom.
♦ Daily Cleaning – Yes, you should clean the ring on a daily basis and a failsafe method is to mix a little mild soap with water and use a soft-bristle toothbrush to gently brush the ring, taking care to get into the intricate setting. Rinse in water and dry with a few Q-Tips or a soft, dry cloth and a little light buffing with a dry Q-Tip will bring out that diamond sparkle! If you would like a professional clean, finding a Brisbane jewellery workshop or one near you is easy with Google search. The custom jeweller is also the person to see when you wish to have the ring designed and handcrafted.
♦ At Night – Get into the habit of popping the ring into your jewellery box and after a while, this will become second nature. Aside from the possibility of damaging the ring, you could rip those satin sheets in case the ring catches on the fabric. We obviously have no idea how we move when asleep – some people hardly move all night, while others thrash around. As you are sharing the bed with your partner, that increases the chances of a collision.
♦ Shower & Bath – Some women wear their engagement ring when showering, although we recommend you leave it in the jewellery box. Make it the last thing you put on before going out as well. Some shampoos contain traces of chemicals, while hot water is not recommended. You might want to turn the ring, so the stone is in contact with your palm.
♦ No Swimming – Chlorine is on the list of harmful chemicals, so, once again, remove the ring and store it somewhere safe. Many women have had the misfortune of losing their engagement or wedding ring on the beach. Let’s face it, if the ring slips off, the chances of finding are next to zero!


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Once you get into the routine of caring for your diamond ring, it will become second nature and will always remain a treasured symbol of your undying love.


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