Cheshire dates to find out about your date

Hey Babes, 

Last time we were speaking about great date nights in Birmingham, this time it’s the turn of Cheshire. There are so many fun places to visit in and around Cheshire to take a future love or even an old flame. 

Before we explore some great places it wouldn’t be a dating post if we didn’t acknowledge that not everyone has found their love just yet. There are so many great places you can meet new people without even leaving the comfort of your home. Localised dating sites are a great way to find like minded singles such as Cheshire dating site or Cheshire dating. Then you can take them to explore all over Cheshire. 

Chester Zoo

When I think of Cheshire the first place that comes to mind is Chester Zoo. I adore animals and if that’s you too then this could be a perfect date for you. Find your fellow animal lover and go exploring. You can find out a lot about your date by their favourite animal, if they will giggle at the monkeys or eat lots of ice cream with you. Just got the record I love the bears. How about you? 

Treasure hunt 

If you’re new to Cheshire or just want to have a date with a difference then you can join a private self guided treasure hunt. All you need are your phones, some comfortable shoes and a thirst for adventure. You can work together to uncover clues that lead you to some sites that get taken for granted. Plus this will give you great insight into how your date works in a team, handles pressure or if they have a competitive streak.

Picnic at Tegg’s nose 

If you’re more of a nature lover then get out and enjoy the beautiful Tegg’s country park. Go for a long walk while you chat and then kick back and relax with a picnic. You could each bring some of your favourite snacks and drinks or maybe even make your most loved sandwiches. This is a great date for food lovers and finding out each other’s dishes can spice up your life with more than just jalapeños. If it works out, invite them for another date for brunch! 

Chester cathedral 

I’ve spoken about my love of architecture on many occasions and there’s no more beautiful building than a cathedral. Chester cathedral is stunning and hosts many events from worship to music. You can just visit to take it in and if you or your date love art you could bring a sketch pad or camera to create something beautiful. I always feel really inspired around cathedrals with all the hard work that went into creating something so beautiful. 

These are all great public places to visit with new dates too! It’s important, especially when dating online to be safe, meet in places with lots of people and take the time to get to know each other. I think if lockdown dating taught us anything it’s that we have enough time to slow down and really appreciate making memories. 

Have you been to Cheshire? 


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