Three Dates for Explorers In Kent

 Hey Love bugs, 

If you're new to dating or even just looking for fun places to take your love then maybe dinner and a drink has got just a bit boring. You want to spread your wings a little and explore new places or even just make sure that even if your date ends up being a dud you still have a fab time doing fun because damn isn't that part of dating? Just having fun , going to interesting places but sharing it with someone new or old is what dating means to me. If you are recently single after divorce or just new to looking for love get out there and find love. Today lets explore Kent together if your a local love bird or someone who is just passing through Kent has lots to offer. 

Hever Castle 

Exploring castles can be fun if you're a history buff like me you will enjoy learning all about who lived there, what happened to them and how it was made. Hever castle has more to offer than just history and it will get your mind ticking. Dating is about teamwork so why not work together to get out of the maze or even race each other. If it is a lovely day the water maze can be a lot of fun and cool you down if things get to steamy but just remember to bring a towel so you don;t have to spend the whole date with wet hair. If mazes aren't for you then there is a beautiful lake you can picnic by and get to know each other a little more. There is even a military museum and a Japanese tea room so one of the activities is bound to peak your dates interest or give you an excuse to come back at a later date to explore more together s great date in Kent.

Ramsgate Tunnels

Did you know that Kent has an underground city? It sounds like something from Indiana Jones but it is true and it was forgotten about for some time just like your need for love. If you are newly single and need someone to go with you then why not try dating agency Kent. Then you can find someone to go on this mysterious date with you. In the second world war Ramsgate residents took to living underground and the tunnels had everything they needed to including shops, barbers and even green grocers keeping the residents safe. A date you certainly won't forget in a hurry and if like me tunnels and the underground scare you a little you have a reason to cling to your date too. Don't worry you wont get lost as there are guided tours which means you wont miss any of the interesting bits either. 

Botany Bay

If you would rather explore mother nature then the place for you could be Botany bay a beautiful beach with unspoiled chalk stacks and lots of cliff sides around. You will have to go down and back up some steep stairs or a slope but it is worth it as it is a little less busy then some of Kent's other beaches so will give you time with your date to explore. Go rock pooling or just have a lovely seaside walk this natural beauty will have love flowing. There are lifegaurds around so the waters are safe to take a dip or paddle to get splashing about with your date. The sea has a way of bringing people closer together and is the ultimate explores destination. 

Where would you go exploring in Kent?

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