Getting back into dating after divorce

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So marriage didn't go your way the first time but don't let that put you off love and your happiness. There are lots of great ways after divorce you can get yourself ready to get back on the dating scene and finding love or companionship again. If you need legal advice or are being affected by divorce contact peters and may

Are you ready?

Before you jump head first into the dating game take some time out for yourself as a break up and a divorce can be a very stressful experience. Spending some time on you will give you time to heal and get to know what life outside marriage is like. This can be a very powerful experience push your own boundaries and take yourself out before you go looking for love as that old saying of you have to love yourself first is so important and how can you love yourself if you never spend time on you. Try having a weekend away on your own from exploring a new walking place or going on a planned expedition. Travelling alone can be an enlightening experience and will give you so much more confidence.  

Why is this relevant to dating I hear you cry? Building your confidence and finding out more about what YOU want for life will ensure you attract the right people to you when you do get back on the dating scene instead of rushing into relationships because you're lonely. Learning to spend time with yourself will mean you can take your time to find the right person. 

Try Online

A great low committed way to start dipping your toe into the dating world is to try online dating there are so many dating websites out there from Sugar mummy dating site to just senior dating. There is a dating site for everyone to try including even uniform dating if you like a man or lady in uniform. I suggest trying free dating sites first get chatting to as many different people as you can and then maybe try a more serious paid site where people are a little more committed to the idea of taking the dating further. You may get lucky and find that person on the free one anyway but there are lots of local dating sites you can use to get to know more local people even if they end up just being friends. 

Online dating doesn't have to be a scary experience, its a low impact safe and easy way to chat to different people while still carrying on with your busy daily life. How many times can you say you can meet new people while in the bath drinking a glass of wine? If you want to find someone who understands your situation there are even dating sites aimed at divorced singles who will know what it is like to have been married and then moved on to find love. This can be a great place to find like minded people. 

Talk To People

The key to any dating or friendships is to be open minded and talk to as many different people as possible. Don't worry if the bloke that is chatting you up is 5 years younger or the lady you had your eye on has never been married. You need to let go of restrictions and open your mind to new people talking to varied people opens up all kinds of possibilities. Of course you can have your own values and keep those intact all I am suggesting is to get chatting to as many different kinds of people as possible in as many places as possible and if nothing else you will find yourself having interesting and diverse conversations. This in itself can help you explore who you are and develop your own sense of self and may even encourage you to try new things. You may talk to someone who went backpacking and find yourself with a sense of wanderlust or you could talk to someone who throws dinner parties and end up cooking for all your friends. New experiences are a great thing that keep life fun and inspiring. 

Go On Dates

This one may seem glaringly obvious that to get back into dating you should go on dates but how many of us are guilty of meeting someone and not really going on many dates before we fall into a relationships and then dates becoming a thing of the past? So make sure you do go on dates and if you find yourself falling for someone then make sure you have at least a monthly date night just the two of you spending one on one time going out to do something fun. This is the secret to long and happy relationships having fun together. It also gives you an excuse to dress up and show each other how much you mean to each other. When it comes to dating in general different dates really do help build your confidence to find the right person for you so get out there on those dates but most of all enjoy yourself.

How did you get back into dating after divorce?



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