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 Hey Cats, 

Now more than ever is an important time to be supporting small independent businesses. The pandemic has meant existing businesses have suffered and new ones have opened in the hope to support people in these difficult times. Running a business, creating a unique product and even getting the sales is a crazy balancing act. Just imagine how much Afro ru n8 g your own Instagram is but add in every social media platform, getting sales, creating products, contacting suppliers and running endlessly to the posts office can be.  When you shop from local and small businesses you are really making a difference to the individual. We should be doing our bit to support creatives to thrive and get fair prices for their amazing work too. 

On that note I bought some lovely jewellery from Sunflower Patch Store. This is a new business started by the lovely Chloe who I follow over on twitter. She sells a range of handmade items from blankets to earrings. Right now she has some cute Halloween bits in because who doesn't need ghost earrings or fang jewellery to show off their inner vampire lover.

I picked up two pairs of earrings from the initial launch of the store that caught my eye. The first was a pair of silver bird skulls. I loved the spooky feel to these and they have a whimsical feather and beading that just give me real magical witch vibes. They are great quality and really pretty and not too heavy but have a super cute jangle in the wind. 

The next pair are perfect for the x files nerd in me. I snatched up these cute alien earrings and I’m just in love with the little star charm that adds a pop of colour. I’ve been wearing these with my space buns and glittery eyes and feeling like a 90s diva.

Make sure you check them out and get yourself a pair of cute earrings ready for Halloween.

Another local business to check our is Outrageous brides magazine I spoke about recently.

Do you shop from a local business or run one yourself? Let me know all about it!


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