Could a Camper Van Be The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Your Family

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There’s nothing more soul-crushing than when you get behind the wheel of your car, key the ignition and are greeted with a sound that tells you something is amiss. Worse still is the meek look your service advisor gives you when they tell you that the cost of repairing your car actually exceed the value of the vehicle. Still, whether your car has given up the ghost or you’ve simply decided that your old car is starting to cause more trouble than it’s worth, buying a new car can be a fun experience… even if you do have to grit your teeth a little when it comes to the cost.

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When you’re looking for a new car, you may have a very narrow focus on what you want. You may not have considered the benefits of a camper van or simply assumed that it would be too far out of your price range. But if you’re the kind of family that loves to take long road trips, holiday within our own shores, or even drive through the channel and into Europe, a camper van might actually be an excellent investment.

There are all  kinds of different camper vans on the market offering an  experience that’s the midway point between a car and a full-blown caravan. And they all have a specific set of benefits...

It can give you tremendous freedom when you travel

The great thing about a camper van is it can bring freedom and autonomy to your holidays. No scouring the internet for a hotel that’s pet friendly. No more waiting around for someone to tell you that you’re allowed to check in. No compromising between tour itineraries that kind of take you where you want to go. You have the freedom to go wherever and do whatever you wish, with the whole family (including your fur babies).

It’s surprisingly affordable

You may assume that a camper van is, by default, outside of your budget. But there are many models, especially used models, that are surprisingly affordable. Especially if you can spare the time and effort to convert a van into a camper. They needn’t be expensive to run, either. Especially when you use an insurance broker to compare van insurance quotes. If you need a larger vehicle for your family or work anyway, this may be a surprisingly cost-effective choice.

It’s spacious and fun to drive

You’ll never feel cramped behind the wheel of a camper van. You’ll never need to worry about banging your elbow, grazing the top of your head or cramped legs after long journeys. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about lacklustre performance overtaking on the motorway either. A camper van gives you a great combination of space, comfort and performance.

It keeps your family safe

Finally, most camper vans are extremely sturdy and built to last. What’s more, newer models have a wealth of features to make them easier to manoeuvre with less chance of embarrassing scrapes when turning in the road or reverse parking. It goes without saying that your family’s safety is your number one priority. And a camper van could be a great option for keeping them safe and secure for the school run, trips to the beach or anywhere else you choose to take it.


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