Stay Safe On Long Journeys

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Hey Cats,

My little brother is currently learning to drive and recently has someone go into the back of his car on a lesson, It really got me to thinking about car safety and the importance because although this was not his fault I suddenly got worried about all the other dangers cars could have for him. He does have to go to some physio for some back problems and he also suffered from whiplash but when he is back on his feet hopefully he will fight back by passing his test and then driving to see me of course.

Now we live a long way from each other as I moved from Birmingham to Derbyshire last year so there is so much more you need to think about before hitting the motorway. asked me to share some of my safety check tips with you guys

Make sure car is within MOT

Making sure your car is in tip top shape ensures you will be in for a much safer journey. You should keep your MOT up to date as it isn't just a chore MOTs were put in place to make sure drivers are safer and your car is working at top performance.  The guys and gals at have you covered for this one but if you are running out of MOT get down there and get the car checked over. They are always really friendly and helpful not to mention have some great deals on.


It is so important to have a mini tool kit available for minor mishaps you may have along the way. Pack things such as a spare fan belt, a bottle of water in case your car overheats a jack and spare tyre so you don't end up stranded or having to call roadside assistant for something you can fix quickly and be on your way. What kind of things do you keep in your essential toolkit? Let us know in the comments below.

Check Tyres

Although it is handy to keep a spare you should always check your tyres tread and pressure before you hit the motorway.  You can fill your tyres and check the pressure at most petrol stations and lets face it you will need to make sure you are topped up before you head our so add this to the list. This can help avoid needing that important spare tyre and wont leave you sulking at the roadside.

Winder wiper Check

England is known for its unreliable weather and you may just end up caught in the rain...a lot of rain and what worse than if your wipers suddenly packed up on you. Make sure you check they are working and ready to combat any downfall that may try and interrupt your mission.

Do you have any car safety tips?


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