how has lockdown impacted your love life?

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We have been speaking lots about love and dating recently and it’s got me wondering, how has lockdown impacted your love life? We are all in different situations and delaying with varied strains on our relationships or lack of at the moment. As we start to ease off and bubbles are now being allowed love is beginning to blossom again. I think we have all had to start using different coping mechanisms to either ease any strain on existing relationships or finding new ways to make connections. Here are some little tips to help you along your way no matter your situation in this lockdown love.

Always Together 

For those of us who have been furloughed we are already filled with lots of mixed emotions. There’s been lots of pressure for us to be productive in this time but honestly if you’re just getting through this then that’s valid and fine it’s a bloody pandemic after all. One change for me has been that me and my partner are now always together. The first month it was lovely to spend time together and be able to relax with each other which we don’t get to often enough. Although after a bit you begin to get under each other’s feet. That’s not a bad thing and doesn’t mean you love each other any less. We are all processing so much recently and the change to any routine can make emotions high. I found that planning in some actual quality time together helps, so we plan to watch a film together or play a game together. That way you’re spending time together without just being around each other. I go for lots of walks so I can have a bit of space and give my partner time to himself too. 


If you’re someone who loves going out on the weekend socialising then you’re the one missing the most right now. There are lots of great ways to still stay social during lockdown using video calls, try online dating, reconnect with lost connections and more. Online dating is a great way to meet new people there are so many options now from gamer dating sites, music lovers sites to those just looking for fun on sites like Cardiff sex or Merseyside sex site can help you find people locally for after lockdown. You can get chatting to like minded people and it could blossom into something amazing after lockdown or just help ease the boredom. I honestly advocate for online dating and if you haven’t tried it now is the time as more people are joining than ever. People who may never have joined an online dating site before have now become more open to the idea. Which means lots more people to chat to and get to know more about.

Together But Always Working or Apart 

It’s great being together but maybe you’re like passing ships and only see each other at bed time or dinner. I have seen lots of people doing cute little presents and notes for each other. These are great as it reminds your partner that you’re thinking of them and it’s a great pick me up at the end of a long day at work. I wrote a post all about long distance love and how to keep it going and there’s some tips that would be really helpful for those who are apart right now.

How has your love life been doing?

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