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The Little Giant Of Aberdeen County Book Review

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I am still working my way through my 100 books in a year challenge and working my way through lots of different books. A few weeks ago we were speaking about the books I have read so far this year. I mentioned a great book I wanted to explore more with you and that book is The Little Giant Of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker.

This is Tiffany Baker’s debut novel released in 2009. Baker is an American author who has since gone on to wrote two more books. This isn’t the usual kind of book I would pick up but I just loved the first line of the cover blurb. “Truly Plaice - part behemoth, part witch, part Cinderella - is born larger than life into a small town”. It just makes the book sound so magical and pushed me to take the book to the till.

I did struggle to get into the book at first and just read a chapter a day but slowly as I got to know Truly I wanted to know more about her. As promised the book is based in a small rural town where anything out of the ordinary is shunned. Truly faces a turbulent school life hated by her teacher and compared to her perfect sister. As a sibling I loved the on off relationship between Truly and her sister Serena Jane. I found Serena Jane’s character was there as a representation on beauty standards of American society to highlight how outcast Truly was. As this perfect all American girl was the sister it also helps show just how special and extraordinary the little giant is amongst her otherwise normal family.

I fell in love with the little giant and felt the heartache of her being pushed away through her lifetime. One of the things I loved initially about Truly is she actually loved herself and even at one point in the book says she prefers her frame to that if her sister. As any human would this wavers at points but that’s only natural.

I do feel there wasn’t as much ‘magic’ or ‘witch’ elements to the book not coming into play until fairly later in the story. So if this is the reason you wanted to grab the book then you will probably be disappointed. I would have loved to have had more from this part of the story. The plot is very complex almost a little too much as if the author just wanted to get so much into the story which often leaves the reader a little confused along the way.

Should you read this book yes for sure it’s a lovely story with a strong protagonist. A great break from the ordinary. I almost missed truly when I finished there are lots of other quirky characters to keep the story fresh.

Have you read ‘The Little Giant Of Aberdeen County’ ?


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