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Bloom & Wild : Beautiful Wild Flowers Through Your Letterbox

Hey Cats,

Recently I left the shop in lovely Bakewell that I had been working at for 3 and a half years. Don’t worry I get a shiny new shop of my own which I am sure you will hear all about. My volunteers and staff spoiled me and gave me the perfect last day. Packed full of pressies, hugs and happy tears. To my surprise the next day one of the lovely ladies had treated me to flowers. I thought they were so pretty and cool I just had to tell you all about them. 

The thing I found most exciting is that they came through the letterbox!! I know I am easily amused right but I thought this was a fantastic feature that flowers could be packed so delicately. Imagine wanting to treat someone to flowers or hell treat yo’self and not being sure when you would be in to receive them. Being able to slip through the letterbox is just perfect so thank you for treating me to Bloom & Wild team.

No more sad supermarket bouquets that last just a few days. I have always preferred wildflowers and these last so much longer. It’s almost like getting two bunches of flowers as when you first receive them they are very green and minimalist. They bloom after a few days and that means you get to enjoy them for so much longer.

Part of the fun is actually arranging them and they come with a handy guide. I really enjoyed learning about the different flowers and having been guilty of being someone who just chucks them in a jar in the past it was refreshing.I was always under the impression flowers were always ready to go but I enjoyed taking the time out to arrange and learn more about the flowers.

The guide breaks down base greenery, flowers that will bloom and fillers. There’s also a lovely description of each flower. The main flower in my bunch is the Alstroemeria they are really pretty. They are also known as the Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas. They are native to south America so not a flower you will stroll past here in the uk. So the wild flowers you received are global like travelling the world without leaving the house.

I learnt a lot from the little tips when on how to arrange them properly and to maintain them. It may sound silly and simple but I didn’t know that cutting stems diagonal every few days helps keep them fresh. Also how often you should change the water and extra flower food to keep them fresh for longer. Putting the extra work in makes you so much more excited when they bloom and because they bloom on different days you feel like you have multiple bunches.

You can order them to arrive as a subscription service which I think is amazing and a fantastic way to treat yourself. I would adore having beautiful flowers like this in the house all the time. I know next time I need a pick me up I will be trying these! Thank you to my lovely volunteers. 

Have you tried bloom & wild?


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