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It’s been a hard couple of months and it’s time for a well-earned break for a little bit of luxury and pampering. Unfortunately, the budget is a little on the tight side so there’s only one alternative: a home-based spa weekend. And why not? You might not be able to afford a top of the range spa but you will be able to create a fantastic alternative.
Take a look at some of our top tips for creating the ambience and treatments that are going to give you the best, most relaxing weekend ever and one that you truly deserve.
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Let’s start with your surroundings and in particular your bathroom. Forget that overhead lighting we’re talking soft candlelight and a soothing, ambient atmosphere.
You’ll want to pair that lighting up with some new, fluffy towels and spa quality robes that are reminiscent of a luxury retreat, but without the hefty price tag.
Perhaps the most important part of any spa weekend, some luxurious, brand new products to check out. You’ll need to find some bath soak that leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. Check out Penhaligon’s Artemisia Bath Oil. This top of the range product come with a base of sweet almond oil and is floral, soft and sweet. Pour into the bath after running it to gain maximum oil absorption.
Then it’s time to take a look at your follow-up products. Make sure you take some time to treat your body to an all over scrub, like this one from Neomorganics. Once you’ve reinvigorated your skin and removed all those dead cells, it’s time to replace that moisture with some soft, gentle and divine-smelling lotion. We like Body Truffle from Temple Spa.
Turn your attention to your toes with a pedicure set that trims your cuticles and gets your nails in great shape, ready for a brand new splash of colour. Do the same for your fingernails, coupled with a self-administered hand massage. Add just a few drops of your favourite essential oils mixed with a base oil.
Save some of your massage oil to give tired legs a relaxing massage, concentrating on your calf muscles. You might not be able to access a neck and shoulder massage but using a massage ball over your most tense areas is a good second place. Why not kick your spa day up a notch with a chilled bottle of bubbly and some delicious nibbles, topped off with some luxury chocolates.
End your spa day with some time spent in your fluffy robe and a face mask, listening to your favourite music and reading a magazine or book of your choice and just spending some time in peace and quiet.
You’re relaxed, massaged and you smell divine, so not it’s time to turn your attention to some beauty products. First, you’ll want to prepare by getting your eyebrows on-point and then you’ll be set for your make-up, makeover. Don’t even think about using that dried up mascara wand or blunt eye pencil. Treat yourself to a whole new set of cosmetics and why not step out of your comfort zone with a brand-new colour palette. Now is the perfect time to do some research with a few YouTube videos and experiment with your new look.
You may be having your own spa day or sharing with a friend but be sure to create some time in your weekend for some serious downtime. When life gets stressful, carving out some space for your own needs is exactly what’s needed to give you some well earned rest and relaxation. A full-on weekend at a spa might just be out of your reach but the home-made version is just some accessories away.
Transform your home by tuning out the noise and usual lighting and introducing some great, calming lighting. Concentrate on your bathroom and equip it with those small things that help to bring you a little bit of luxury. If you’re going to spend any money, make it stretch to some new pampering products you haven’t tried before. Make sure to learn a few massage techniques to help ease tired joints and muscles.

Whatever gives you the greatest relaxation, whether that’s some time spent reading and relaxing or listening to music, incorporate it into a weekend that is, ultimately, about you and fulfilling your needs, just for once. Relax, enjoy and feel refreshed – ready to take on the challenges and triumphs of the week ahead.


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