How To Choose The Perfect Nail Polish To Match Your Dress

How To Choose The Perfect Nail Polish To Match Your Dress

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While polish colour may be the least of your concerns when planning your prom look, choosing the
perfect nail polish to match your ensemble will do you lots of good. In the same manner, a sloppy
manicure can create an unpleasant appeal and can lessen the attractiveness of a gorgeous prom


Here are some general tips to follow when choosing nail polish colours:

1. Get to know the colour wheel.

You don’t always have to go matchy-matchy when it comes to choosing the colours of your dress
and your nail polish. Sometimes, contrasting colours work well too. You just have to make sure that
the chosen colours do not clash, and to know so, you have to familiarise yourself with the colour
wheel. Shades on opposite sides of the colour wheel can be paired. For example, you can wear a
violet dress with yellow nail polish, or a red-hued dress with a green-toned nail polish.

2. Limit the prints to either clothing or nails.

If your prom gown is solid coloured, then you can wear nail polish with the adventurous textures,
vibrant designs, and multiple colours. But, if you’re already wearing printed clothes, go for solid
coloured nails. For example, there are 2019 black prom dresses that will look good with
vivacious-coloured nails.


Here are more specific recommendations, check out the nail polish colours perfect for your chosen
prom dresses:

1. Red Prom Gown
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What nail polish colour is best worn with a red dress? Many will want to wear red to prom
considering that this is one of the most popular dress colours in the world. This shouldn’t be a
problem as there are many shades that can complement the warm tone of a red dress. Aside from
the neutral colours of black and white, metallic nail polish colours like silver and gold will also work
well with a red dress. Dainty neutrals like beige, blush, and nude are great for those who want to
keep their nails more subtle. For those who want to go for colour blocking, nails painted in royal
blue will have an elegant effect.

2. Black Prom Gown

No one can go wrong with black and that’s why a little black dress is a closet staple. So, when
deciding on the nail polish colour that will go with your black dress, you can choose just about any
colour you please. Common choices include red, white, and metallic polishes like gold and silver. If
you want to keep it subtle, you can go for a black-on-black ensemble and still end up looking
adorable. But if you want to add vibrancy to your outfit, opt for the brighter colours such as yellow
and electric blue. Top it off with glittered nail polish for a more sparkly appeal.

3. White Prom Gown

Just like for the black dress, nail polish colour pairs for a white dress are limitless. A white dress can
be worn with just about every colour available. From primary colours, to the metallic colours, and
the neutrals and the nudes, and even the pastels, a pristine white dress will be impeccable with a
fresh mani and pedi.


The colour of the skin tone is the next most important consideration to remember when you’re
deciding what to wear and what nail polish colour to choose for your prom ensemble. For fair skin
tones, darker shades are perfect options. Those with medium skin tones will benefit from dark red
nail polish colours. For those with a darker skin tone, any colour of nail polish will look good on you.

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Knowing how to pick the perfect nail polish colour matters. The right colour add more appeal to
your prom look.


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