Adding Some Personal Touches to Your Wedding

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When you are in a specific age group, it can seem as though you spend your entire summers at engagement parties, hen or stag events, and weddings. All of your friends are getting married, and there’s a few every summer. Wedding seasons are busy times. Nowadays, we have so many options. We can get married in a huge variety of places and have our receptions near enough anywhere. There are big weddings and small. Rustic and trendy. Traditional and modern. But most of them are a little bit the same. Even with so much money spent, a lot of weddings follow a similar pattern and feel quite generic. Make sure you can save money for an exotic honeymoon!

This probably isn’t what you want for your own big day. Fortunately, whatever your budget there are some fantastic ways to add some personal touches to your big day. Just remember, it’s the little details that often make the difference.


Music is very personal and yet there are certain songs that we hear at most weddings. Popular first dance songs that every couple deems romantic and meaningful enough to dance to as a newly married couple.

Put some thought into your music choices. Find a band at and spend some time with your partner choosing music, both for the ceremony and the reception that means something to you and brings back happy memories.

Get Your Friends Involved

When you hire people to take control of every element of your wedding, it automatically starts to become less personal. Your vision can get lost in communication, and while your stress is lowered, it doesn’t always work out. Instead, involve your friends and family. Get people that you know to help you with things like decorations and even photography and music. They’ll bring knowledge of your relationship, and make everything more special.


With the help of your friends and family, have some fun creating things yourselves. Design your own stationery, make decorations and even your bouquet. Make as much as you can, and it will be unique and meaningful, instead of something that is the same as everyone else has got and you’ve seen at four other weddings.

Keep Things Small

Believe it or not, it’s much easier to make your day personal if it’s small. You’ll have more control, and possibly more money to play with. Small immediately means intimate and romantic. It’s easier to do things your way, without worrying about what people will think.

Meaningful Favours

Step away from the sugared almonds, and instead think of something that matters. If your reception is outdoors, wellies or flip-flops, depending on the weather can be a fun touch. Otherwise, think of things that you and your partner, or your families enjoy doing together instead of buying something tacky in bulk.


Decorate your reception venue with photographs from your relationship. Use photos of guests instead of nameplates on the tables. Decorate the tables with collages of you all together, instead of centrepieces, and give your guests a way to stick photos in your guest book. Look at other guest book ideas at


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