Where do I find Paid blog posts?

Hey Cats,

The biggest question I get asked is how to make money from your blog! You are already writing great posts so why not make some money from them right? First thing first you need to really have your own domain before you start searching for paid work. Your domain authority helps build the rank of your blog and the higher you can get this the wider your audience and paid work offers will span. Make sure you have a clear contact form on your blog where people can reach you if they want to work with you. Now you have that sussed people know how to reach you but you have to go out and find some work too! Let me tell you some great places to get started.

Get blogged

Get blogged have great blogger outreach services with a really easy to use website where you can find great blog opportunities for any DA as little as 5! Their blogger outreach strategy  is really inclusive and even gives you points for every post you do and every person or brand you refer to them. The work is getting more varied the more they grow and they are really easy to work with and pay super quick straight into your Paypal. You can write about anything from dating to blogging and join a fun community.

Facebook Groups

There are lots of dedicated blogger related Facebook groups that you can join which can share tips and advice with you and also point you in the direction of some paid or gifted work. There are some dedicated just to sharing opportunities needed. There is a great group you can join called Bloggers on thin ice or UK bloggers if you're a plus blogger then you can join mine too over at Plus size blogger babes . You can find paid work in these groups as well as lots of tips on where to find more work or ways to adapt your blog to make it more marketable.


Twitter is another great place to find shout outs for blog collaborations. You can follow hashtags like #bloggersrequired or #bloggerswanted and lots will pop up asking for your links. Also just by being active and sharing your blog posts regularly you will get approached.  Remember you can share old posts too if they are relevant the best way to do this is to use a scheduling app and just load up some posts through the week to shout out at different times to reach a wider audience. Make sure that your feed is more than just blog posts though or your followers may get a little bored and could consider it to be a bit spammy.


When you're contacted by a PR representative make sure you keep that relationship going. I always save my contacts to recontact later in the year to see if they have any other great collaborations to work on again. Building relationships is very important make sure you deliver and are always polite and approachable. I have made some great relationships with some love PR reps who have come back to me to work together numerous times and I hope to keep those relationships going. Make sure not to spam them monthly only request new work a few times a year as different PR agents work in different ways.

Where do you find your blog posts?



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