Fun With Children In The Garden

Hey Cats,

After living in a flat for years I now feel spoiled having a huge beautiful garden. Gardens are such an important playground for children You can use your garden as both a fun and educational place for your children. Alice Garden have some fantastic additions to any garden and today we are going to explore how to make your garden fun for children but still your zen paradise.

A shed can be your best friend for keeping your garden clutter free all those bikes and little toys not being played with. It can be cute too you don't have to settle for boring brown get some paint out and make it pretty and vibrant. You can all sit down together in the garden and draw some ideas of what the best shed can look like and try and bring those ideas together in a fun way that makes your garden a colourful and fun place to be in. If you really want to add a person touch you can even get the children to help you paint some but if you want a more polished finish maybe best to set them their own painting task in painting their favourite things about the garden.

If a shed is not your jam and you already have somewhere to store those toys then a great educational vice for children can be a greenhouse. Potting plants and learning about the growth of nature or fruits and vegetables is not only a great way to learn about nature but also to encourage healthy eating. I remember growing potato, peas and carrots with my Nana when I was little and being so excited to try them at dinner time knowing that we had grown them ourselves. You can then bring the garden into the kitchen by creating fun friendly recipes you can make together. Try out different seasonal flowers and vegetables and explore which ones they prefer. This can be a great way to keep the garden looking pretty ad colourful while having fun with learning. 

A garden tool that is often overlooked is a great table and chairs set not only is this great for you to kick back with a glass of wine on a sunny day but a place for all the family. You can dine outside a picnic without having to leave home or set outside fun activities with the children. A great activity you can do this autumn is collecting your favourite leaf and doing a crayon rubbing of them or drawing some great pictures. Bug hunts have always been popular in our household and adding a bug house and a bird feeder have helped encourage nature in the garden. We love monitoring the different insects and animals we see in the garden. So far we have been graced with cats, squirrels, foxes, birds and lots of interesting bugs. Spending time in the garden actually helped my step son get over a fear of bees as the more he learnt about them the more he understood they weren't out to hurt him. 

What do you have in your garden?



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