How To Get A Stylish Bathroom?

Hey Cats,

If you grew up in the 80s you just couldn’t escape the craze of dusky pink or a avocado green bathroom suites and some houses are still rocking them to this day. Gone are those days now we want not just a functional space but a stylish retreat where we can unwind after a long day. Let’s explore how you can create that space and have the bathroom of your dreams.


If you still have carpet in your bathroom then….rip it out. It is important to have a floor that is easy to clean and looks great too. Make sure you choose a material that you can mop and maintain easily. This doesn’t mean settling for dated lino you can create a rustic look with a varnish wooden flooring or a sleek stylish finish with stunning tiling. Just ensure whichever you choose they have been treated for waterproofing as bathrooms are high moisture environments.


The options and range of tiles available these days is mind boggling you can have glitter finish to vintage prints. Whatever your theme there’s a tile to suit your tastes. Natural stone tiles are not only hard wearing but have that spa and natural feel. I love a bathroom that brings nature and tranquility in and any excuse to get some plants by me. Harrogate bathrooms has some stunning tile choices to suit all.

Bath or shower

The age old debate do you prefer a bath or a shower? You may want to create a wet room or have the deepest bath you can it is completely down to personal taste.  Personally I need both in my life to me a bath is a very personal special time where you take some real time out for yourself so well worth the investment. Get the bath that you gives you space and looks fantastic so while you’re kicking back with those bubbles flowing you are comfortable and relaxed. My dream is to have a stunning vintage style bathroom with a claw bath they are deep and chic.

Overall finish

It is important when planning your bathroom you think about the overall style you want. I prefer a much more traditional chic styled bathroom in crisp colours but with a natural flair with plants to help me relax. However some people like modern and futuristic gadget filled bathrooms. I must admit I wouldn’t say no to a waterfall style shower that would just be heaven.

What are your bathroom preferences?



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