Dating in the winter

Hey Cats,

As the colder nights draw in we want to spend more time indoors or at home. That can have an impact on our dating because going out to the clubs when there’s rain and snow out just doesn’t appeal. There are still lots of treat things you can do indoors for dating and finding love.

Try online

Why not try browsing online dating sites and chatting with new people from the comfort of your sofa in your pjs. What can sound more appealing that being toasty and warm sipping on hot coco late while still being able to chat with new people. There are some great online sites like Surrey dating site , or dating sites in Surrey and Senior dating sites . There are also lots of great apps you can try there really is something for everyone to try.

Online dating is low pressure as you can chat and get to know someone and see if you click. I do advise you meet as soon as possible so you can see if you click in real life too but you can chat on the phone or even over FaceTime first so that you don’t feel like you’re meeting up with a complete stranger.

Go Shopping

So another task that needs doing in the winter is shopping. So many birthday and not to mention Christmas to pay for and with the rise of inside shopping centres right here in the UK you can stay dry and warm while shopping till you drop. Lots of people come out shopping in the winter and you may find yourself making small talk in a que with a hottie. If you do you could even rock up on your first date right there as most of these places also have cinemas and lots of fun places to go out and eat.

Hanging out with friends in fun places like this even just getting out for food once a week will open up your circle to more people. Who knows if that barman at that trendy wine bar is single or if a great band are playing in a local venue.

Say Yes To Local Events

This time of year is also buzzing with lots of local events from parades to Christmas fares and it is a time people come out with their family. Often people who may usually spend a lot of time at work or even just at home will venture out and about and even if you don’t meet a new love you may see lots of old friends or even make new ones.

Just think of Bridget Jones when she bumped into her love for the first time in a hideous Christmas jumper at a family party. So just say yes to those invites and get yourself out more and just have fun. It will be in the least expected places that you can meet new people or maybe even see that old flame that you lost touch with.

How do you find dates this winter?



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