Ways To Cherish Your Wedding Day

Hey Cats,

The things most brides will tell you about their big wedding day is that it was all over so fast. So much planning and thought goes into a day which lasts what seems like a heartbeat which is why so many brides get post wedding blues and almost miss making all those table centrepieces...you just wouldn’t believe that would you? When your life is kind of consumed with something for a long time and then it is suddenly over then it is natural to feel a little bit odd. There are lots of things you can do to really relive and cherish the day to help keep those blues at bay.

Memory box

Memory boxes are a great way to keep on those newly learnt crafts going and turning little bits from your beautiful day into an easy to look at keep sake. Some brides even keep their wedding dresses in beautiful boxes to keep them safe and fresh. You could even incorporate the two by making the box from the actual memories like adding the photos to the box. A great memory box could feature a copy of the vows, a wedding DVD, your favourite photos of the day or even a flash drive with the photos on, confetti and any other little bits that you collected at the end of the day to help you keep on remembering how stunning the special day was. This is a great way to keep the memories safe to show future children or bring out at anniversaries.

Photo Sharing

Sure having a professional around to take photos is a great thing but the best way to catch those unplanned and the best pictures from the day is to let all your guests go crazy taking pictures. You can request they don't share them on social media until you're ready but be careful and make sure they do know that they can take pictures share a great wedding photo sharing website loads before during and after the big day and you will have hours of fun howling at pictures of your dad dancing like nobody is watching or your selfies with your bestie. The great thing is so many people will suddenly remember days or even weeks later that they took photos so you will get to see new ones too. Having a photo booth on the day is a great way to get people taking more photos and you can share them on these websites too and capture more of your favourite moments.

Wedding DVD

You may not think having video of your wedding is important but as it goes by so quickly and being able to see those loved ones we lose over time enjoying and sharing your happiness is priceless. Also being able to show your kids and well just everyone you know who will watch it can be amazing too. There will always be people who can't make it for whatever reason and I am sure they would love to see how it went, when you stumbled over your vows, put your waterproof mascara to the test and managed not to spill wine all down yourself. Take the step to get a video even if it is just a little one.

How do you remember your wedding day?


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