Get More Vitamins This Summer

Hey Cats,

Summer is here and damn is it HOT and it's great to be taking in all the lovely vitamin D from the sunshine. We need all those vital vitamins to keep our bodies active, healthy and happy. A great way to stay hydrate and get more of those essential vitamins and minerals is to make your own juices, don't panic I am not talking about the crazy juicing fad diets that expect you to only drink juice but to just have at least one glass of fresh juice a day.

There are lots of benefits to making your own juices as a lot of the supermarket ones are processed and contain so many different ingredients at home you will know exactly what is in your juice and it can be a great way to get more fruits and vegetables into your daily lifestyle. Just make sure you're aware that fruits are high in sugar naturally so they won't always be instantly healthy. Try and do some research on great combinations and what works for you.

We all know that fruit and vegetable are great for us and it is because they hold vital vitamins and minerals that can help our digestion and immune system and when our bodies are working well then we feel better and more at ease too. Meaning we can get great sleep and find ourselves with more energy.

My Juicer UK have some fantastic easy to use juicers that will have you wanting to just play with them and experiment with different combinations. Who knew carrot juice was so yummy? Am I the only one that is like a big kid and actually looks forward to chucking in a different combination every time to see what works? They also have a great range of blenders and dehydrators if you want to explore different ways of getting the best from fruit and veg.

Have you tried making your own juices? What did you make?



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