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A Tea Room Review- Mad Hatters Matlock

Hey Cats,

One great thing about living in village that is coupled next to lots of tourist destination villages is the sheer amount of tea rooms everywhere! I have no problem with that at all lots of great places to try out cake and tea erm...hello... I don't need any more of an excuse. Mad hatters popped up in Matlock a year or so ago now and every time I went passed I was really drawn to it. I first popped in at Christmas time to get warm and went back again recently because there was just so much to try and I still haven't sampled even a fraction.

From the outside you can't help but notice how trendy Mad Hatters looks it stands out from all the other buildings on the street as sleek and chic with offers on display without being in your face. Inside is just as inviting with brick wall as and Alice in wonderland themed prints on the walls. Wooden tables and seating gives a very rustic fun feeling and helps keep the atmosphere warm but on trend. I loved sitting in the booth by the door and think that even though it is such a small place they still manage not to be claustrophobic like some tea rooms can.

My Mama and little brother had come to visit and after a train journey wanted to treat them to a relaxing catch up drink. We kicked back and there was so much to choose from on the menu. We decided to share some cake and have some tea and hot chocolate. The cakes look stunning and you almost feel bad wanting to eat them and they are made locally so supporting local trade. With several choices of cake and a wide menu of snacks and meals, Hot and cold drinks and even a cocktail menu we were spoilt for choice. I am still longing to try one of their freakshakes so need to pop back some time soon as I am yet to pop my freakshake cherry. There is a whole range of fresh to order shakes if donuts aren't your thing I hear they are working on a new smoothie range too packed full of fruit in freakshake style.

There is a lovely family friendly atmosphere and the staff are helpful and friendly. I love the presentation of the hot chocolates and shakes and tea comes in mismatched tea cups. Personally I always think tea tastes better from a proper china cup and you just feel like you're having a real treat. I love the quirky design that has been elegantly executed without going over board. Brick walling keeping it fresh and much more the kind of place I would love to spend an hour working than a counterpart chain coffee shop. We tried some of the 'queen of tarts' cake which was a Victoria sponge iced and topped with jam tarts and the chocolate between three of us two slices was plenty and we didn't go hungry. On a second visit I tried the lemon and raspberry cake which was also lovely, the selection of cakes varies but is always lovely both to the eye and taste buds.

My brother has the nutella hot chocolate which came served up on s slate adorned with chocolate sauce and a bonus truffle. I had to sneak a try and it was delicious if you love nutella and any other nutty chocolate treats then you will not be disappointed. I had to go back a second time as I kicked myself for having tea and not going for the unicorn hot chocolate. Promising a white hot chocolate with cream and plenty of colour how could I not? The drink was lovely a tad cold but it was super busy so that's understandable and in all fairness had I approached staff I don't doubt that they would have sorted it right away either way it was delicious.

In all it was a lovely experience and a great place to have a catch up away from the hustle and bustle. I really want to go back to sample the cocktails sometime soon and see if the evening brings a whole different feel and hey at 2 for 1 on happy hour you really can't go wrong. So if you are in Matlock check it out and have your favourite tipple be it tea or booze or just cake.


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