How to plan a surprise anniversary party for your parents

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An anniversary is a very special event, and if there is such a date coming up soon for your own parents, it is
understandable that you may wish to celebrate it in the finest style.
A surprise anniversary party can be a great way to not only toast your parents’ everlasting union, but also
signal your appreciation for them as a couple, in the company of a wider circle of family and friends. So, how
can you organise such a party to be a success?
Establish a date and time
The obvious advice is to organise the party to take place on the anniversary itself. However, your parents may
have already devised their own plans for how to spend this special day, or have pre-existing family or work
commitments that would prevent their attendance of your surprise party.
That’s why you’ll need to make sure your parents will be available for the planned festivities, in addition to the
family and friends that you are most likely to wish to invite. After all, many of them may have to travel a long
distance to the venue.
You may simply go as far as telling your parents that you’ll have a surprise for them on a certain date near their
anniversary, without telling them – just yet – about the exact nature or location of the party.

What about selecting an appropriate venue?
If the party is to be relatively casual and informal, you might consider starting the organisation process just a
few weeks in advance of the date, and holding it in your parents’ house.
It’s possible, though, that your parents’ anniversary will be an especially significant one – such as their 25th or
50th – in which case, you may desire a slightly more luxurious, extravagant and resplendent venue.
That’s why many people investigate the possibility of chateau rental in France, for example. This isn’t as distant
a fantasy as you might imagine it to be, with many suitable venues – such as the charming and aristocratic
Château Bouffémont – offering reasonably priced packages for a private event such as an anniversary party,
while also making plenty of other practical sense.
The aforementioned Château Bouffémont, for instance, is situated in an extraordinary setting of sprawling
manicured French gardens, but is also a mere 20-minute journey from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 30
kilometres from central Paris.

The other key factors to consider
Wedding anniversaries have famously long been known by various themes and symbols, ranging from silver
for a 25th anniversary, right through to gold for a 50th anniversary and platinum for a 70th anniversary. Along
the way, such materials as paper (1st), tin (10th), china (20th) and emerald (55th) are also represented,
as listed in greater detail on the Hitched website.
Alternatively, you may have a quirkier wedding anniversary theme in mind, perhaps based on the shared
hobbies or interests of your parents, or even – to some extent – the venue. Indeed, it’s wise to decide on the
theme as early as possible, as this will inform so many other aspects of the planning of the wedding
anniversary, including the invitations, decorations, food and drink and more.
The above is not an all-exhaustive list of the many elements that you will need to think about when organising
the most special anniversary party for your parents. Nonetheless, these tips should provide a powerful starting
point for ensuring such a celebration is only remembered for all of the best reasons.

Do you have any planning tips?


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