Reading The Signs Online That They Like You!

Hey Cats,

So you have been cruising the best dating sites and now you want to know does this person dig you. I am talking more specifically online. Lets be real there are several types of online dater and you want to make sure you are matched up with someone who truly likes you and don't waste your time on a catfish.

The thing is when talking to people online you have no idea how many other people they are talking to because that is why the dating world has gone a bit lazy lately everyone has unlimited options at their fingers. That is why I think it is important to use trusted dating sites where people who are looking for love and not a fling are more likely to go even better if you try ones local to your area there are dating sites for all over such as Berkshire dating site, Bristol dating site, Devon dating site and Gloucester dating site. Using sites like tinder is asking for trouble as it is dramatically based on looks nobody should be flicking passed a photo before even getting to know you. I like sites with a bit more substance in them when someone has took the time to fill out a profile they are bound to be a bit more serious.

So you have jumped onto the best type of dating site and you have started talking to that dreamboat but how do you tell if they like you? Many people make the mistake of thinking if they don't reply instantly then they aren't interested. Just remember that life is happening and you have no idea what that person can be doing and sometimes it is worth the wait to look forward to a well thought out reply rather than quick short bursts of conversation. That special person will make the time for you and will reply to your questions. However if they vanish for days at a time have but you can see they have been online then maybe take the time to explore your options. If the messages feel like really hard work and they never ask questions back then they really are just not that into you, so use that time to talk to someone who is! Equally they will want to progress the conversation elsewhere such as taking to Facebook or even swapping numbers. I find Facebook the best option and the safest if they are a bit cagey about adding you on Facebook maybe they are hiding something.

The compliments you get can also show a lot about how much they like you. If they are always about your photos or body then stay away but if you get genuine responses like "I really like talking to you" and "You really make me laugh" then there is a better chance that they are into you! Respect should always be a priority I mean sure everyone fancies people and can get carried away but if he is suddenly looking to flash you dick pics and begging you for nudes then slow your roll. Your potential love interest should respect you and be able to be patient about getting to know every bit of you.

Communication is a key factor in getting to know someone online and making sure you do set that date to meet up. I personally think this is super important to do a few weeks to a month in as you never really know what that spark is going to be like when you meet them. When you do meet them the signs if they like you should be loud and clear. If they want to hold your hands and make you laugh even buy you a drink and take you somewhere nice then they could be a keeper. Stay clear of offers to Netflix and chill you are worth more than that!

How did you know they liked you?



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