Bringing Back The Spark When The Honeymoon period ends!

Hey Cats,

So I have been teamed with the awesome Welovedates to talk about getting that spark back when the honeymoon period ends! In the films they make out love is constant dates all the time and being whirlwind in love but eventually its about watching films in your pants and other such comfortable glam things. The beauty is you should totally enjoy those moments but you need to make sure you still keep the relationship exciting too!

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Date Night

Date night is important in a relationship because you need to spend that time together to build fresh exciting memories. Date nights don't always have to be going out somewhere exciting but you should try and not always stay in. Even if you do opt to stay in I try and make sure I still dress up nice and really make an effort. We love to plan meals for each other and have cheese and wine evenings in front of the fire.A date night can be something as simple as taking a walk in the countryside together or even seeing that crazy film that is out at the cinema at the moment. Equally you can go really extravagant and surprise your partner to a trip away for the weekend or that expensive restaurant you always looked at. You will find yourself feeling like when you first met and who needs an excuse to buy that new dress or pair of shoes?


Doing your own thing away from each other is equally important as spending time together. That may sound like a huge contradiction but if you do everything together then it will soon get boring fast. It is important to have your own hobbies and do things that interest you and then you get to tell each other all about it later so double the fun. Go out and see your friends fairly often we used to go out the same evening with our mates and then all meet up at the end in the same club. This works great because you have had the best of both worlds and save money on a taxi home by sharing. If you don't have any hobbies then get out and have little treat days for yourself, take yourself for a coffee and cake or go shopping but try and do some solo activities to stay in touch with yourself and who you are as a person. I love going somewhere beautiful having a  walk and then sitting down to read for a bit.

Try New Things

As well as trying new things in life there is one area that always needs to be exciting and that is in the bedroom. Sex is not the be all and end all of a relationship  but it is also an important part! I am not saying you need to start swinging and wearing rubber (unless that is what you're into - no judgement here) but trying new underwear, role play, massages and dirty talk can go a long way. Go to a burlesque class and you boys too it isn't just down to your partner. Learn new ways to turn your partner on and you will be surprised how quick that honeymoon period comes flying back.

What do you do to keep the relationship interesting?



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