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5 Tips For Surviving Long Distance Love

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When it comes to dating the older you get the more you look around where you live and think "Oh My gosh nobody gets me here". I lived in a city and even I felt like that, so living in a small town now I am glad I have found the one or me. I spoke to the Mr about what made him try dating sites and he said it was exactly the same feeling and also having grown up knowing everyone the excitement of meeting someone new and with completely different experiences. You can meet your long distance love in many ways from visiting cities to joining some of the best dating sites however you do meet them here are my tips for surviving long distance love.

Communication Is Everything!!!

You may have met a complete hottie on an Oxford dating site but you live 4 hours away! It can totally still work it is all about how well you communicate. Lets be real, if you're the kind of person who takes days to text someone back or hates talking on the phone then long distance love may be harder for you. I am not saying it is impossible just that you will have to step out of your comfort zone and really make an effort. The best thing about not being with each other all the time you look forward to texting and talking on the phone and it can really give you a chance to get to really know each other more. When we lived apart me and the Mr used to plan skype dates and I used to swoon while he played banjo to me and we chatted for hours and it made our love grow so much because it was super hard seeing someone so awesome and not being able to kiss their face and all that builds up into something beautiful and makes you appreciate when you do get time together. So plan time to facetime, send texts and pictures and take the time to plan exciting dates. I can't stress how important getting to know each other is.

Don't rush

When you are taking the time to go all that distance the temptation to stay over straight away can be string but instead of rushing go on day trips or if that is to far try booking a hotel and be firm about taking it slow. If they are into you they will totally respect your boundaries and be waiting to take you out for breakfast in the morning. If you met somewhere like a Staffordshire dating site you can take the day to have a look around. Take your time to get to know each other and first make sure to be safe at all times. As time naturally progresses you will start staying over and it can be something to look forward to. We started by only seeing each other every other weekend taking turns who travelled where and then we started every weekend and any holidays from work. It was like living in two places which was kind of cool especially as one was the countryside (you can bag a country dreamboat over on Shropshire dating site) and one was the city.

Enjoy The Journeys

When I first started dating the Mr he lived somewhere I had never been before and it meant travelling for around three hours each way. I really learnt to enjoy these journeys and they helped me grow as a person too. I loved reading books or getting ready on the way the butterflies in my tummy on the way there and just taking in the beautiful sites along the way. My only tip is travel off peak and avoid busy routes because trains can be horrible and stressful when over full. I sometimes opted for a coach and a good book, music loaded and the excitement building with every mile closer.  If you don't make the most of the journey then long distance love can be super hard as you get more anxious about the journey than the end goal.

Explore New Places

As much as you should enjoy the journey and taking the time out for yourself the most important thing of all is really taking advantage of that time together. It can be such a fun experience as you get to explore new places which can actually be your favourite places. Suddenly the places you see every day can be a new adventure for your partner. I had so much fun showing the Mr around Birmingham and doing silly things like going to the new library and surprising him with the secret gardens and my favourite haunts. You naturally end up telling lots of silly stories and sharing and getting to know each other more. I got to know tiny villages and see beautiful countryside from the inside. You can even venture to other new places together and make new memories for you to look back on.

Small Gifts

Missing someone can be super intense I fell hard for mine and when I left I was always almost in tears but it was worth it. We used to send each other songs over Facebook and leave each other notes. I always used to hide a note in the bed so when he got home from work if he was missing me when he got into bed there was a cheeky little reminder of how much I missed him too. We also used to get each other little silly gifts it doesn't even have to be anything expensive but it means they can take it with them and remember how much you care.

Be Open Minded

Chances are if you are dating from places like date divorced singles then you're already open minded which is awesome. If you go in first worrying about the distance and what will happen in the future when it comes to moving then you will restrict who you meet and who you love. Yes eventually when it comes to commitment down the line someone will have to move but that is no different from any other relationship and who knows what opportunities that will open.

Have you had a long distance relationship? What are your tips?



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