Ideas For A Friday Night Out

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If you’re the kind of person who’s found yourself going out on Friday nights multiple times since you hit the grand old number 18 milestone, what you get up to can become a bit stale. We all have different experiences when it comes to the dance floor, but busting out some of our own moves tires us all completely! Sometimes it gets a little too expensive as well, with travel and drink costs adding up quickly, especially if you live farther out then your friends. Read on for some fun and interesting activities to get up to on a night out that’s a cry away from the usual nightclub.


If you absolutely want to go out:

Going out is it’s own brand of fun alone. However, having a few different ideas about what you can get up to when you hit the town is a surefire way to keep it from becoming a ‘same old’ situation. Save up some money for a real experience you want to have and try a few of the ideas below.

1. Find a different kind of bar to party in

Plenty of alternative hangouts are available if you know where to look. Smaller areas have their own quaint little places, often with a mix and match design and just the right blend of a drink to cake ratio for a lot of us. If you’re lucky enough to live in mainstream metropolis areas like London, hitting up a place such as Bunga Bunga, a bar in covent garden is a great way to give yourself a different idea of booming music and stylistic decor. These kind of bars will offer a less traditional setup, with a different feel enriched with culture, so much so that you’ll often feel like you’re stepping into another country. In your mind, you’re guaranteed to remember some element of the time you spent there!

2. Hit up a pub quiz

This is an age old classic but has that timeless element to it. Pub quizzes never get boring due to the amount of questions quiz masters can come up with, and special rounds like a picture or music quiz is a staple of the experience. Make a group and catch a table, and order in as many drinks as you like to really spice up your answer sheet! Pubs are often a little cheaper when it comes to ordering a pint as well. Usually these quizzes are held with charity in mind so it might be a couple of quid on the door to participate, but it’s all for a good cause.

3. Get your skates on!

This can be quite a romantic option if you’re with the right company, with plenty of opportunity to hold onto each other and sweep your partner off their feet. Otherwise, it’s a great way to spend time with your friends that’s full of laughter if you’re not very good at keeping your balance! Just remember to balance on your toes like a penguin if you’re entirely new to the experience.

If not, try staying in:

We start to understand as we get a little bit older that we don’t always have to go out. It’s lovely from time to time, but sometimes the energy and mood is a bit low, so trying to force your party side out is harder. Below are a few tips on how to make a fun and creative night out of a couple of ideas, some elbow grease, and an empty room.

1. Have a gaming night

You don’t have to be nerdy to enjoy a good game with a friend or two. Either break out a chess or checkers board, or turn on the console and slot in your favourite multiplayer games. You can make a competition out of the whole thing, and take a shot every time you suffer a lost piece or death in game! Scary games are their own brand of art and banding together to take on the latest monster is a great bonding exercise. Pac-man score tables are a great ranking to prove who is the best gamer out of your circle. Use this power wisely however!

2. Make a home bar in your living room

This is a pitch perfect way to liven up your evening. Make some cocktails with each other and toast to your great night in! This is a good way to hone some of your martini skills and really branch out with your alcohol tastes. Mix and match those chocolates drops with some tequila and learn what really tingles your tastebuds. Print off some recipes and stick them up on the wall behind you, then move a table into the centre of the room and host a night out at home. You can even plug a karaoke machine in for some drunk crooning if the mood calls for it.

3. Turn off the TV and hold a stand up show

Which one out of you and your friends is the funniest? Are any of you able to flex your improv muscles? Switching off the outside world for a while and having a good belly laugh together with local tales of your weekly antics is a fantastic idea to spend time together, and is one of the most fun options on this list! Create a mini stage out of a few boxes or winding a wire in a circle, and put on some upbeat entry music to announce the arrival of each ‘comedian.’ Have some heckling shouts ready on the side to really motivate or tease whoever’s on the stand.

Friday night is a special time in all our hearts, with work over for the week and the weekend right around the corner. Celebrate your own way in style with some easy and even cheap alternatives to the staple of grinding on the dance floor. Alternatively, use any of these ideas on a free evening midweek, just to split up the rough feel of the daily grind.

What do you do on a Friday night?


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