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Back by popular demand lets hunt out some more fun places to go on dates. I really enjoy writing these posts and finding new places for us all to go explore in the name of love. If you are from any of these places let us know in the comments where else is a hot spot to visit.


Guernsey is a very popular holiday destination as it is a little island in the English channel very close to the french coast. A popular place for people to retire and maybe dabble in a little over 50s dating Guernsey ! A place of natural beauty and wonder where even the famous fall in love Victor Hugo the writer of Les Miserables loves Guernseys charm. There is lots to see and do on this lovely island but why would you pay to go to a bar when there are so many beautiful places you can visit for free. Think outside the box and let the beauty of nature do the work for you by taking you date on a walk and picnic around the coastlines and cliff tops. If the sun is shining a picnic would impress a date way more than some pub grub.



When you think of an Essex dating site  you may think of super preened and tanned people that have brought a new fame to Essex but there is so much more to Essex that TOWIE. Another beautiful coastal place to visit, it would be a crime to miss the opportunity to walk hand in hand along Halfpenny pier as the sun goes down. After all dates are about capturing those perfect moments and even soak up a bit of history as Halfpenny pier is an original Victorian wooden pier and one of very few still standing. If your date is a history buff then they will love the chance to learn more about halfpenny.


Lets travel to the north West for a spot of  Lancashire dating, let me tell you what this beautiful county has to offer. As with any place that has a beach near by I am always going to favour an activity by the sea but then maybe that is just because I am surrounded by countryside. This activity is the best of both worlds inspired by the country why not take a romantic horse ride along Lancashire beach great for beginners or experienced riders. Horses are beautiful creatures to be around and even better if you are great around animals show off that compassionate caring side to your future love.

Western Isles

The Western Isles is a stunning place off the coast of  Scotland. So what would you do there for some Western Isles dating? With a beach as beautiful as any you may find in France or further it would be a crime not to take a picnic down and even show off your sand castle building skills. If a picnic isn't for you grab some entertainment as most of the local pubs offer live bands and food with a bit of dutch courage. With that much live music on offer there is something for everyone and if you are feeling super brave maybe a spot of Karaoke.


Last but not least this one is for all those on Fife dating site! Another Scottish beauty this time offering countryside and beautiful scenery. With a beautiful coastal path this one is definitely for all those that love a good walk. Put on those boots and explore the way with your date, all those endorphins from the brisk exercise will get your cheeks flushed with more than just love. There are lots of beautiful spots to check out, stop to eat or even take in a bit of history.

Have you ever visited any of these places?



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