Dates For Over 50s

Hey Cats,

If you have caught my last few posts about dating then you may be enjoying fun places to go out all over the UK. I am all up for a bit of exploring and not all dates have to be a wild one in fact these days people are dating older and I think that is awesome. In the age of divorce and people living independent lives for longer the taboo of older dating is no more. Lets talk about lovely places you can take a date when you're over 50.


Being a Welsh girl I love Cardiff the people are always so warm and friendly and there are lots of lush things to do. So what can you do if you met your match on over 50s dating Cardiff ? I love a romantic walk around the pier, There are lots of places you can rest your feet if you feel giddy with love from pubs to eateries and even shops in the day time but the most romantic is at night when you can hold hands and watch the sun set over this beautiful Welsh city!


Now if you found a date on over 50s dating Merseyside I have a bit of a cultured yet free date for you! Liverpool has some amazing Museums and if you go to the museum of Liverpool it is completely free and you can spend hours walking round chatting about the interesting art work around you. You never know your new date may be a budding artist for me I think art opens up all kinds of interesting conversation. After you have wowed your date with your conversation skills take them for a coffee and a cake because everyone loves a good cake.


I just love Cornwall it is such a breath taking place to visit. My brother lives down there not far from a beautiful sea side town of Looe so for all those who met on a Cornwall dating site  this could be just the place for you. Looe has a host of little shops you can visit and maybe buy a little trinket for your new love. Personally I would be on the beach with a Cornish ice cream letting the sea help wow my date into a sneaky kiss. A really quaint little place full of natural beauty and lovely local people. If you're lucky maybe you could even go on a little boat trip and check out the open sea.


Off to sunny Scotland and if you have been looking for love you may have checked out the Strathclyde dating site. Now you just need somewhere exciting to woo your date. Well how about you get those hearts fluttering with a cheeky day out at the races. You don't have to be a big gambler a day at Hamilton park racecourse can actually be pretty glam you can treat your date to a bet and then  get a spot to eat. Who knows you may win more than just a bit of money and then you can make a pact with them to go to ascot. Ladies grab those huge hats and a bottle of fizz what is not to love?

So dating over 50 doesn't have to be scary it can be a lot of fun just find out what your date enjoys and go on a little adventure. Where would you go?



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