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5 Questions You Need To Ask Before Lending Money!

Hey Cats, 

It is that time of year where if you haven't already been on Holiday and broke your bank then you're most likely saving for one. Maybe the bills have just been piling up or you want to get a head start on Christmas, It is important to know what lending options are available to you but always make sure before you do lend you do a little research on the company. Cash Lady are a lender with a difference because they care about your money journey and want you to be well informed. Lets talk about all the things you need to check out before you lend from anyone. 

What Do You Know About The Company?

The best thing to do with any company be it to buy a product or lend money I think it is vital to do a bit of research.These becomes even more important when it comes to lending money or any other financial products as there can often be some dishonest or hidden information. Cash Lady are a family founded business who have sourced the rest if their staff to ensure they share the same ethics and values. They look after customers and remain open and honest about any fees from the lenders but they do all this for free. Making an application will cost you nothing as Cash Lady act as an agent to source the most compatible short term loan for you. 

Do You Understand?

Sometimes lending money can be really confusing and often terms and conditions or even terminology used may baffle your brain. Make sure you ask lots of questions and don't sign up for anything you are not 100% sure of. Cash Lady are a really friendly team and as they are helping source the right lender for you then you can ask as many questions as you need to instead of hitting google talk to a real person who can explain the ins and outs of what is expected of you for how long. That way you have no hidden secrets and no nasty surprises jumping up on you and hopefully keep your bank healthy at the same time. 

What Rate Has Been Set?

Depending on how long you want to lend the money over and how much there may be different types of interest from each company. Cash Lady will let you know how much money you will be getting and exactly how much you will pay back as well as what interest. There are lots of lenders about with shocking interest which can make lending money scary which is why companies who source loans for you can be really helpful as they understand the terms better and can make sure you get a reasonable rate for the money you have coming in, helping you stay debt free and on top of the finances you already have. 

Can You Afford To Pay Them Back? 

The most important thing to think about before you even think of lending money is can you pay it back if you lend it? Cash lady will have a look at your incoming and outgoings but they can only work with what you tell them so make sure you're honest with them and yourself. If you really can't afford the payments over the amount of time set make sure you do not commit to lending the money. It sounds so simple but too many people get trapped in a web of thinking they have it sorted and end up in more debt. 

Do You Need The Money?

Payday loans and similar financial products are designed to help with emergencies, one off luxuries or even to improve your credit score but they are not a long term thing that you should use all the time. Make sure you have asked all the right questions and you can easily pay the loan back. If you find yourself struggling with money regularly maybe it is time to get some financial advice to help you. 

What questions do you ask?



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