How Easy Is It To Put A Band Together?

Hey Cats,

Music inspires me as it is such a powerful tool for sharing an idea, a message, or a feeling. Do you ever love music so much that you find yourself humming a tune over and over? Sometimes music is the best way to express yourself so you can let that mood out, or just get rid of some excess energy. This is why I’m always amazed when performing artists seem to have so much control over what they’re singing and playing.

So how easy is it to put a band together? In reality, it probably depends on your musical abilities and the sounds your bandmates can create. But music, like everything else, can be learned, right? You can practice and get your beat going and out comes something that resembles a pretty good song.

If you’re in a musical mood, why not start creating some songs of your own? All you need is a couple of instruments and some willing band members. Ideally, these are people you can get on with and who share your passions and ideas. Great bands have great chemistry, and this helps any audience forgive the odd wrong note or mistake.

As for the instruments? Your voice is a pretty important one, so it’s essential you look after it. No more screaming at idiot politicians on the news! You will probably need a drummer to keep the beat going. After that, a guitar or two, or maybe even a keyboard. Pianos are pretty easy instruments to get started on. If you’re a beginner, it might be worth looking at Williams legato 88-key digital piano reviews before you buy your first keyboard. You’ll need something you can physically carry, and that will provide the range you need.

Musical equipment can be expensive so it’s worth doing your research before you buy anything. Beyond instruments you’ll need equipment like amps, microphones and possibly other gadgets like effects pedals. Companies like Singular Sound offer information on such equipment - read the blog before you go out and start buying equipment. Consider the fact that you may be able to borrow or rent some equipment too to save costs.

Lessons can really help. Not many teachers are keen to tutor an entire group, especially as they would have to travel to you. Instead, meet with teachers that are specialists in your particular instrument one-on-one. You each need to know what you’re doing before you can start to meld and gel as a band.

Rehearsal space can be a challenge at times. You might have space in your garage, or one of you might have a big enough living room to fit everything in. It’s really important you meet regularly and practice in between. Don’t restrict yourself to the covers you already know. Experiment with your sound, and see if you can put your own tracks together. This can soon become a full-time hobby, but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn a few dollars from it too.

As you start to get better, you could start to look for gig opportunities. Start locally to save yourself travel time and money. If people like you, why not record a couple of sessions and create your own CD to sell? Get a FaceBook fan page going with all your details and the forthcoming gig dates. And, of course, build yourselves a website!

Of course, it doesn’t matter if you’re not good enough to earn your millions. As long as you’re having fun, then the music has fulfilled its purpose. Love it!


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