Getting The Girls Together: Top Tips For a Great Night Out

Hey Cats,
When you’re at school, college or uni, it seems like the friendships you forge in those years will last a lifetime. Our teenaged selves are utterly convinced that that we’ll see each other at least once a week for fun, frivolity and all around Hell-raising even if we have to take out our dentures and tuck our skirts into our girdles to do it.


The reality is that as we settle down, establish our careers and start families it gets harder and harder to make time for the girls even as we treasure their friendship.

Every once in awhile it’s absolutely essential to plan a legendary girl’s night out to make sure that the flame of your friendship stays kindled.

Here are some tips to help you to do it in style!

Plan and commit

Loads of friends noncommittally say “We really should get together some time”. Rarely does anything come of it. So start planning early! Decide on a date that suits everyone and get things started by setting up a Facebook event and try to get people to commit as early on as possible.

Be sure to post regular updates in the event to keep the girls’ interest stoked and share ideas.

Plan it around mutual interests and an agreed budget

The important thing is getting to see one another, catch up, spend some quality time and have a few laughs. This can be a quiet affair or an extravaganza but the important thing is getting together.

Some of your friends might be earning more than others, some might have more time commitments than others. Some might be drinkers of fearsome reputation, others devout tee-totallers. It’s important to find an activity for your night out that will suit everyone’s tastes and budget.

Take lots of pictures, but be careful about sharing


The explosion in smartphone technology means that you may be far more able to take snaps of the highlights of your night than you were in your teenaged years. By all means snap away so that you’ll have memories that’ll keep you smiling for years to come, but be considerate of others when sharing them on social media.

Not everyone is comfortable with their image being shared, so be sure to get permission from everyone in an image before you start sharing and tagging.

It’s also worth thinking about any sensitive implications photo sharing might have among girls who weren’t inviting or couldn’t make it.

Make it a girls’ getaway

This should be an opportunity to get away from the pressures of work, family and the other half for everyone so sometimes a change of scenery is just what the doctor ordered. Make sure that everyone’s transportation is sorted out as far in advance as possible… Although it’s far more fun if you can all go together.
If you’re planning on making a weekend of it, make sure you’re staying somewhere that’s easy for everyone to get to and within everyone’s budget. I recommend Toprooms for finding good accommodation on a budget that will suit everyone.



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