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16 in 16 The Obligatory Goal Post

Hey Cats!


I hope you had a lovely night last night. I know some of you will be nursing a hangover today, gloating over the win on board games or shaking your head at another year gone by. What a year it was too! Who can even believe it is already 2016 and I want to say a big thank you to all you lovely followers old and new.

Everyone beats themselves up over setting goals in the new year but the mistake so many people make is being unrealistic or setting goals that hate on themselves. My advice to you is be you, be powerful and follow your heart. Goals can be an awesome way to strive forward but if you haven't met the ones from last year....don't worry or stress. That being said here are my 16 goals for 2016.

1. Travel More

I love to travel and have been lucky enough to see some amazing places, Exploring new places is always a buzz and I am a big believer in new experiences expanding you as a person. There are still so many places I have not see even in the UK alone! In this next year I urge myself to see 5 new places both abroad and closer to home. I want to explore hidden gems and meet all the blogging babes I have been so lucky to come across.

2. Move

Although I love Birmingham and it will always hold a special place in my heart me and Mr Kaos have plans to move further north this year. This is both exciting and amazingly scary. Having to start new somewhere will be a whole new challenge but I am not looking forward to packing boxes, stressed moving trips and house hunting. I am hoping we get to move into a house with a garden in a reasonably nice area but time will tell! Can I bring the leopard print wallpaper please?

3. New Job

With a new move comes a new job....again super scary. I am a little lost on of I want to stay with the arts, follow on with childcare and community work or just do something stress free and easy. Hopefully where ever I end up will be challenging and fun and give me plenty of time to keep blogging and communicating with you lovely people,

4. Yoga

Last year I dabbled in yoga and the didn't keep at it. I am a firm believer in fitness at any size and yoga is something that always makes me feel a million times better in my mind and body. It is something I definitely want to peruse more this year. Curvy yoga here I come!

5. Write

I love writing. In fact writing is why I originally started blogging. I wanted to improve my writing and encourage myself to write more creatively. I used to write poems, short stories and screenplays...then I just kind of lost my joy in it all, Lately I have been feeling inspired with the need to push energy into something creative and I am going to promise to give myself time to write more creatively.

6. Push myself out of my fashion comfort zone

One of the things I lobe about blogging is the constant evolution of changing fashion. To me fashion is its own art form and blogging really helps push that, Especially in the plus size world. There are so many more taboos to overcome along the way ones own ever changing body image being one. 2015  I rocked crop tops, joined challenges to get creative and this year I want to push it even more. More customising, more fun clothes and more creativity.

7.  Reach more people with the blog

Every time I get a new follower, a comment or see a well read post it makes the biggest smile spread across my face. I am genuinely so grateful to every single one of you who stops by to read my ramblings and ramble with me. The best thing about blogging is interacting with new people and I am lucky enough to have such a diverse following. This year I would love to reach more people and hit more followers my target is

Bloglovin- 500
Facebook- 700
Twitter -    5000
Instagram- 5000

Big goals maybe but you can help me get there by just giving me a follow!

8. Read 40 books in 2016

I have always been a bookworm. Even as a little girl my favourite thing was to get lost in a book and that hasn't changed one bit. There is so much to learn, so many worlds to explore and so many characters to imagine along with. This year I plan on reading at least 40 books which doesn't sound like a lot but it can be. To check in how I am doing you can follow me on Good Reads which is my new addiction. I have just started Invisible Monsters and already have my next book lined up. Send me recommendations! Reading is damn sexy.

9. Build Bridges and Heal

This year as with many others has had its low points along with its high points and along the way there have been grudges and falling outs. I am happy that towards the end of 2015 a lot of these were already mended but I would like to keep building bridges and healing from any damage along the way as well as helping heal anyone I have impacted. Forgiveness is vital in a world so small and a life so short.

10. Experiment With Make up

As you can tell by my ever growing eyeliner I love make up. From colourful crazy looks to more subtle pretty enhanced faces. Yet a lot of the time I feel totally clueless in what I am doing. This year I am going to pay more attention to the make up tutorials I am always watching and practise more varying looks. Are you going to experiment with me?

11. Get Driving

I am 32 and I do not drive! One of the dramas of living in a well transported city. It is just easier sometimes to jump on a bus or train to get where you are going. Only I am bored of lugging shopping and want the freedom of driving because it is also a boost on the career ladder. So this year I want to get on the way to passing my test.

12. Make A Short Film

I fell out with the film world in 2015 and I desperately want to create again. So starting small even just one short film in 2016 would be amazing. I am itching to produce something. Quality over quantity.

13. Do More Crafts

My Pintrest is overflowing with lots of crafts I want to try and lots of things I want to cook. I love creating and getting crafty. Plus making gifts for people is super fun. This year is about getting more organised ....maybe even a cheeky planner if budget will allow. I think I just want the excuse to play with stickers.

14. Spend More Time With The Ones I Love

Sometimes it is easy to get in the habit of not doing much and taking the ones around you for granted. I want more date nights with my Mr Kaos eating our way through fun menus, seeing live music and really enjoying time together, Face masks with my mom, Fallout with my brother and putting the worlds to right with my dad.

15. Small Acts Of Kindness

I am a firm believer in helping people whenever I can, Small acts of kindness from commenting on blogs when you like them, sending a card to a friend when they are feeling sad or even giving a little money to charity can make a huge difference,  I vow to keep being a good person and keep ensuring that I continue small acts of kindness spread through those around me,

16. Give Less Fucks

Embrace life at full force and don't beat myself up when things don't go as expected just pick myself up and move forward.

What are your goals for 2016?


  1. I certainly need to give less fucks - as proven by me getting home and crying because someone mentioned they didn't like how I did the office secret santa this year haha. I care way too much sometimes. Xx

    1. I have learnt that people do not realise how much hard work goes into organising these things tell them to do it themselves next year if they want to complain. I am sure you did an awesome job xx

  2. Some amazing goals for this year!!!

  3. I'm hoping to carry on with my Wanderlust and travel loads this year, stay off social media one day a week to be more productive and carry on exercising to lose more weight.

    1. Staying off social media one day a week is such a good one x

  4. I love your list of 2016 goals and wish you luck for achieving them! Happy New Year. :) (New Follower hoping you reach your target!) xx

  5. I absolutely love all of these! especially the last one. Hope to see you more in the new year... after all, travel is on both of our lists! xx

  6. These are awesome, and I definitely identify with a good few of them <3

    1. yay so glad and hopefully we will get to meet this year too x

  7. Great goals for 2016, I wish you luck with them!

  8. Just found your blog! What a role model you are! Where abouts are you planning to move to up North. I live near Sheffield and once you get used to the cold you'll love it xx

    1. You are too kind! Funnily enough between sheffield and manc!! x


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