Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Birmingham The Changing City

Birmingham is a place overflowing with culture, music, industry and most of all change. Over the years I have seen so many changes to the second city, especially in the architecture. The city is always evolving to tempt more people to come and visit. The now famous spaceship like Bullring shopping centre and the tourist attraction of a library coax people through the doors. The most recent being A new train station which welcomes visitors with a whole host of eatery's and shops. Round some corners you can see beautiful views of ultra sleek modern buildings right next to beautiful historically rich establishments the best example being The Bullring and St Martins.

I have a first I really didn't like the Bullring. I thought it was strange and my nostalgic heart ached for the 70s markets that lived there before this strange wonder. I remember hanging out in a really cool little shop called 'The house of horrors' which had piranhas, punk wear and horror film props. Making friends with people and swapping mix tapes of our favourite bands. I was scared that the changes to the city would mean less people connecting but instead it meant more people visiting for us to share our beautiful city with.

Another place that I would spend hours in is Birmingham Library. A book worm to the core I loved taking out books and getting lost in information. The new library brings secret rooftop gardens, study areas and wide open spaces. You can get right to the top in a glass elevator and look out across Birmingham City centre.

The latest of changes comes with a brand new station which opened just under a month ago! You can now shop while you wait for your train or pick up sushi to go. Not to mention have a browse of John Lewis.

Travelodge have launched an exciting new web page about Evolving Cities and you can go look at the differences in Birmingham in the past and present as well as find out some exciting facts that even I didn't know about Birmingham. It is really easy and fun to use and a great way of preserving memories and seeing how far cities have come,

What is your favourite memory in your city?

*This post was in collaboration with Travelodge however all thoughts and opinions are my own 


  1. I think Birmingham is one of the places that has changed the most in recent years x

  2. Sounds like a nice place to visit.
    Iv barely left my hometown of Aberdeen. I guess my favourite memory would be the birth of my daughter
    Other than that it's a cold grey depressing place haha

    Umber x

  3. Those are some really unusual buildings! I've never been to Birmingham but it's on my list. I live in Grimsby, which is rather poor with little investment. Lots of older abandoned buildings, and a shopping centre that is slowly emptying, it's sad!

  4. Thanks for writing this. We both know the negative stereotypes of our great city but its a brilliant place! The places you mentioned, combined with the new (and old) quirky bars make it a great place to explore. I'm proud to work at New Street station and still love walking under the new atrium each day. 😊


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