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#BEDM- Hidden Talents - Films

Hey Sweethearts,

I am kind of cheating today and have swapped today's and tomorrows topic around. Blog every may today is all bout hidden talents. For me the only thing I could think of is working on art and film. I have shared some of my films on here a long time ago but here is a quick refresh.

Here is a music video I produced and directed but also co wrote and filmed. This was really fun to work on and was part of a film challenge where we had 2 weeks to work with a band to make a music video start to finish.

Another film that I made a long time ago was this art piece which was a bit of a feminist rant on the pressures of being a woman in society.

Although I love film making it is an expensive hobby to have which mostly lead to me producing and directing. I would love to be more hands on again which is why I am enjoying you tube so much and hope to bring you films in the future. However I did produce and direct these while working with groups of young people with Birmingham Museum. ....

Kingz music video

What are your hidden talents?


  1. That is a great talent! You are clever to produce!x

    1. Thank you it is hard work but a lot of fun x


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