#BEDM - A Day In The Life Of

Hey lovelies

I really hope you are enjoying blog every day in May so far! It is definitely an interesting challenge and shows how much hard work goes into blogging every day. Also a great chance for me to bring some new content to you. Today you get to follow me around for the day.

Day starts with waking up early, having a cup of coffee in bed, catching up with you tubers and doing my make up.
Me and my boo went for a walk in our local area.
I bet you didn't know Santa lived in Birmingham?
We also saw lots of lovely flowers along the way. Not bad for the city eh?
Later we went to the train station to make our way up north to go visit the Mr's family.
I got the guided tour of peak dale and even saw some baby lambs.
We played hidden treasure, read stories and had a yummy donut with Neil's son.
We had some lovely dinner with Neil's grandparents and a super early night after a busy day. It was a lovely relaxing day and nice to get out of the city into the countryside! 


  1. I love these posts! Thank you so much for sharing :) X

  2. Lovely flowers and a great day! Looks like you saw plenty!

    1. From Birmingham to peak dale it was an adventure x

  3. OOoh, what is HIDDEN TREASURE??? I like the sound of your day- looks great fun! FAB duvet cover too!x

    1. We hid lots of different things my boyfriends little one loved it x


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