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A-Z of Inspirational Women D is for DIvalicious

Lets just dive straight in.

Dita Von Teese is the ultimate modern day glamorous pin up vixen. Not only has she inspired women all over the world to bring back the tantalising act of burlesque but she has used this fame to campaign for awareness of HIV and Aids..

From victory rolled hair to larger than life backcombed bouffants. This cowgirl may be a walking Barbie doll but I grew up on Doll's music in a world of men she is quick witted and still going strong. Turning her hand at acting, musicals and even directing. She is a business woman on a mission.

Another fierce diva that should influence all young grrrls lives is Debbie Harry. Best known  for fronting the awesome band Blondie. She left them hanging on the telephone to go for a solo career but now they regrouped. A style icon and a multi talented women who turned her hand at acting too. She is great in 'Spun' but has a massive filmography under her belt. She is also a philanthropist for HIV/Aids.

Drew and courtney BFF
Growing up I had quite the girl crush on Drew Barrymore. Who couldn't she is beautiful. She encouraged me to adorn my hair with daisies and that you could be super cute and still extra fierce. I actually had a folder packed with interviews which I remember getting ripped for by one of my mates but she was always so inspiring to me. She had flaws and she wasn't scared to admit them or share them she is definitely the riot grrrl of acting. Taking the bull by the horns and directing her own films maybe I was a little bit inspired by her to make my own films.

From cute and sweet to witty and bold. Dorothy Parker was never afraid to speak her mind. A poet writer and muse for many. Her left wing ideologies outcast her in Hollywood. Way before her time and not muted by the world around her she is an inspiration for all women to have a voice. 

This last lady I have only just found but her poetry is too awesome not to include. Check out Miss Desiree Dallagiacomo


Who is the the lady beginning with D that inspires you?

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