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Bloggers do bargains better #Bloggersdoitbetter

It is that time again for #Bloggersdoitbetter this time Bloggers do Bargains better!

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I am a sucker for a good bargain. Recently I have scored some serious bargains on Ebay which is ironic as only yesterday I was posting about de cluttering and selling my things on Ebay haha. So I guess this is a bit of a bargain haul post. 

I am a sucker for hair bows and am a horror fiend so when I saw these bows I snapped them up!
Misfits laces, hello kitty headband, studded headband, bandanas, swalloe clips and more
Creepy cute I just love fiendish fashion
Then I also snapped up some horrifically awesome necklaces already been wearing these 

I love creepers and got thise TUK ones for a bargain fiver

This super cute Tiki style dress <3

Beth Ditto is high on my idols list I am just finishing up this book and will review it for you all. 

Have you had any ebay bargains?

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