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#100happydays update #4

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Day 32
Looking out of work to see 2 big beautiful horses. Me and Sarah ran down to have a look at them. He has a beautiful mane. Put a big smile on my face for the day

Day 33
I just really like this dress it was a bargain fiver a few years ago and always makes me feel happy when I wear it.

Day 34
No chocolate beats Easter egg chocolate. Shared this with my Mama who bought them for us as an early surprise.
Day 35
Micro pigs and cats. I need these in my life.

Day 36 - fleetwood mac and American Horror story
Day 37
Went round to visit my family and my little bro made me this amazing hot chocolate complete with cream and marshmallows in my favourite mug <3
Day 38
Rushing through the city in a hurry scrunching up my nose with irritation when I see this on the side of a bin. Lisk bots work always makes me smile and this is an awesome collaboration with Lazy Orbit. Keep an eye out for some more of my Brum street art posts.
Day 39
This little cutie walked into my Mama's garden and was such a fuss pot he was real sweet but Mr Theo Noir went in a major sulk. I nicknamed this one MewMew.
Day 40
Awesome gig awesome band Red Fang were amazing and if you paid attention you read my review ;) Was a lovely date too but once again nothing really came of it....doooomed haha.
Day 41
This was my 31st birthday I have known this lovely lady since I was 15 I am blessed with some awesome friends who danced the night away with me.
Day 42
Hangovers are so worth it when I get to snuggle with this cutie.
Day 43
This question blew my mind for a bit. My answer was Tom Waits <3

What makes you happy? Are you doing the challenge?


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