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UNICEF Tap Project

I recently stumbled upon this great project that UNICEF are doing right now. As you know I am very passionate about social action and doing anything we can to help other people around the world. There is a way you can help too without even costing you a penny. Unless you want to donate which would be great.I haven't been asked to do this post I just believe in helping where ever we can little actions have big impact.

It is hard to believe that still today children and vulnerable people living in poverty still go without clean safe water. This has a huge impact on the community. Not only can it cause death but for the areas where there is water at a Far walking distance injuries are on the rise for young girls who have to miss school to get water for their family.

All you have to do is step away from your phone for at least 10 minutes. Come on now I heard you gasp in horror 10 minutes isn't so bad and I am a phone addict. 10 minutes flies by and even if you do it just once it costs you nothing and you help give safe water for just one day. There are a ton of lovely things you can do in 10 minutes (or more)
  • Take a bath
  • Do your Nails
  • Read a book
  • Spend 10 minutes educating yourself about water problems around the world. 
Seem a little bit too good to be true? The sponsors will be doing the donating for you. You do get the option to make a donation yourself but you can choose not too and keep building up the sponsor donations. Either log into      on your phone or even get the app (I find the app works better) and get saving the world ;) I have been doing it whenever I am away from my phone. 

What would you do in your 10 minutes?


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