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Sometimes I feel Like I Should Just Move Into Primark

Last weekend I went shopping with my Mama. Now mothers are meant to stop you spending too much. Mine is the opposite she encourages me to buy more. We have a tradition of checking out all the charity shops. I love checking out all the old books but I have to admit I kind of have a brick a brak addiction. If it is cute and useless I kind of have to have it. Here is what I picked up this time.

Everything was just 50p and just too cute! Every day I get closer to being and old lady. Next stop Primarni I only meant to go in to see if I could get the midi tube skirt in purple. Everywhere I go they only have size 8. Yes Birmingham Primark I am looking at you. Sot your sizing out I always have to dig deep. West bromwich Prrimark is always nice and easy to get around and well stocked but even they didn't have it in purple so I got another black one. I love this skirt I have it in a few colours. 

I am also loving the Tshirts in stock at the moment. I am a sucker for nostalgia and cute prints so picked these up. They were only £5-6
I love Jurassic park total Dino Geek and Turtle power

cute ice creams and who can resist a 90s kitten?
These Disney prints tho <3
There are some majorly cute mix and match Pjs as well bottoms were £5 and the tops were £5. All these fivers are adding up in my basket.
Robot print. I would wear this top anyway ha

Cute colourful cassette tapes and hugging pandas
I had my eye on the mini satchels for some time but I didn't really like the pastel colours. I am a polka dot fiend so when I saw this polka one for £6 it went right into the basket. I love backpacks and this cute tartan one will look awesome with some badges and a cute jacket in the summer for £5 who can complain?

Loads of knickers were on sale for a bargain £1 and there were some lovely pairs. 
Lace trim is always a cute finish

Love these boy shorts and the little pocket at the front
Then lots of random accessories. The leopard print sunglasses even came with a little bag.They were only £2, both pair of glasses were just £1 each, This huge statement necklace matches some other accessories I have and was £5. The slipper socks were from a pound shop as was the turquoise mascara.


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