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A to Z Of Inspirational Women.......B is for....

You may remember back in November I started A-Z of women I have found inspirational for many different reasons. If you missed out on the A's check out the post here. Lets celebrate some more amazing women and move onto B.

Billie holiday for me is the queen of blues/Jazz. She pulls at my emotions every time I hear her sing. Her singing style had a huge impact on the musical scene of her time (mostly the 1930's-50s). If anyone had anything to sing about it was Billie a young drop out who was raped and became a prostitute Jazz was her outlet. She sang songs of protest and heartache and was one of the first most glamourous women I seen in my life when I saw her on a record cover in my Mama's collection growing up. Billie has pulled me through bad times and good. She paved the way for women jazz singers and despite her life of tragedy still influences men and women all over the world. Have a listen to her powerful protest song.

Glamour is what this next lady is all about. Not afraid to step out of the box of her time and scream naughty sex appeal, paving the way for so many women to come. Yes you have it Miss Bettie Page. *swoon* It is no secret I am a fan of vintage glamour this woman oozes pure sexiness. Those big eyes, trademark bangs and beautiful black hair have had women lusting after her fierce pin up style.

From one sex siren to another I have a major girl crush on Beth Ditto. Bringing body positivity massively into the spot light as she shocked and amazed audiences with her love for her big beautiful curves. Stripping off at gigs, posing nude for fashion magazines and wowing the world with her amazing vocals. Beth is an icon all girls should look up. For those who do not know she is the lead singer of the Gossip. Any woman who grew up loving the X ray spex wins major brownie points with me.

Ok so these next two are technically cheating because they are bands but they deserve to be in here. If you read my post. 'I Will Always Be A Rebel Grrrl' then you will already know my love for Bikini Kill and Babes in Toyland. These women encouraged me to speak my mind and be proud of who I am, not to mention looking killer in baby doll dresses. I remember squealing over meeting Kat after a gig but as the lead singers will defo get a mention later in the A-Z this ones for the bands. So enjoy a few more tracks

Bridgette Bardot is more of a right now icon rather than her past as a fashion model and actress. Don't get me wrong her work for her time was so liberated and she was putting herself out into controversy and challenging the system like crazy. She is like a fine wine and got better with age because now she uses the fame she does have to protest for animal rights and is a keen animal activist. I am a huge fan of the work the sea shepherds do and Bridgette has been supporting them. Still as beautiful as ever inside and out.

Back in my UK Feminista post I gushed about a reporter from the Guardian Bim Adewunmi. I found her to be a very strong confident woman who wanted to share and empower other women to want to read more and write more. Education is so important for women and encouraging me to write a little bit more actually made me want to write this blog more so it would be criminal not to include her. Check out her blog here.

Last but not least for me has to be another teenage idol I had who looked killer, didn't take any shit and taught me to be who I am and own. The distillers front woman Brody Dalle who has teenage me and my friend like putty in her hands and she treated us well. Amazing music and so excited to hear that she will be making a return this year. I will so be at that tour already super excited! So seems only natural to end this with my favourite distillers song which Ama if you are reading this ones for you!

Who are your B's?


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