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#100happydays update 1

When I saw #100happydays on instagram I knew it was something I had to try out. I have been doing Daily challenge for over a year now which gives you a small positive challenge every day on a path you choose. I am currently on the de-clutter path and it gives you the kick to make a little difference every day. I seem to find from daily challenge by doing something little every day it really can make a big difference. It has lots of different paths so you can choose to get better with money, have better well being, eat healthier and there are constantly new ones being added all the time. You get little points every day and can connect with friends which encourages you to make sure you do the challenge of the day. If you do check it out be sure to add me and I can send you encouragement to get your little tasks done.

#100happydays is very similar in that for a 100 days you are challenged to find at least one thing in the day that makes you happy and share a picture through social media or even just by email. The aim is to help you realise all the little things that make you happy in every day. I thought it would be fun to share updates with you guys about what it is that makes me happy in every day. 

Day 1

Reading poetry on the bus to work and this book is full of amazing words and talented work. Highly recommend this read.

Day 2

Lovely messages from my dearest friend all the way from America. He is my mexican papi and always says the sweetest things to me <3

Day 3

Getting to sleep in after working non stop and having to be out of bed at 6am every morning. So staying in bed snuggled up reading bloglovin is pure luxury sometimes.

Day 4

Trying to eat healthy so starting my day with Porridge and banana is a yummy way to kickstart.

Day 5

Listening to horrorpops at work full blast while in an empty studio always makes me smile.....and maybe sing loudly.

Day 6

This picture represents an awesome day at work Seeing these young people develop with their documentary we went to make in Turkey and how they work together to edit. We also had the next group in we all had a big jam with world instruments and played mafia was a really fun day at work.

Day 7

Kisses from my beautiful boy Mr Theo Noir always make my heart beat. Best cat ever even if he is a grump.

So today was day 8 and it has been a monster of a day but I still saw something that amused me and brought me an odd ray of sunshine.

What is it that makes your days happy? Have you done the challenge yet?


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