Colombo, Sri Lanka

Teary goodbyes

It was time to say goodbye but before we did you know what that means......PARRRRTTTTTY! I would like to say I dressed up but I didn't I had a lovely dress to wear but when I put it on I felt all icky and just sulky so I changed into something more comfy. We all lumbered onto a coach to venture to somewhere unknown. The coach journey already had the party started the Sri Lankan members of the crew sang and danced in the aisles while the UK desperately tried to think of a song we could sing to hold up our side of the party. We failed miserably but Bojan from Bosnia made up for it by dancing in the aisles singing the Flintstones. As I fell into my seat on the coach laughing I wished I could stay with these people forever.

We arrived at a huge beautiful hotel with a waterfall and a massive fountain.There was even a red carpet leading us up the stairs. British council really had gone all out. We climbed what felt like a million stairs to come into a grand hall with big round tables.Everyone was running around taking pictures trying to capture the moments so they could take as many as they could home with them. Lots of the people we had met over the week were there but we were unleashed onto the food. The food was a huge buffet with all kinds of lovely dishes. I had some meat and veggie kebabs and rice which was lush but secretly I was saving room for the desert table I had seen. Oh boy was it worth the wait the best creme brulee I have ever tasted in my life!

After dinner the party got lively everyone was dancing and singing in their mother tongues and some of these guys had serious moves and not a drop of booze in sight.

Then it got even more exciting and the party hit the beach.Another beautiful beach. Never in one week have I been to so many beaches and I was loving it. Darkness had hit and we were dancing to everyone singing in the waves with firelight joining our dance. I really have had the time of my life, met amazing people,made links for projects and saw the most amazing places.


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