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Primark Always Empties My Purse Haul

This is a little late but I had a bit of a Primark Haul before I went away to Turkey and I love some of the items so much I figured I should still share.

 I have always admired Debbie Harry and love Blondie so I jumped on this jumper even though it is slightly annoying when people buy band tops for bands they have never even heard of!

Would you wear a t-shirt of a band you don't know because it looks nice?Let me know.

 As I love the Ramones I thought this Tshirt was really cute.They had it with a Tartan pastern too.

 I am really trying to wear more skirts and I find that pencil skirts and Midi skirts can be dressed up and down and very flattering for us plus sized girls. I have this skirt in black, green and gray. They are really comfortable too!

Being a massive hip hop fan when I saw a snoop vest for £3 I had to have it Even though admittedly snoop looks less Snoop and more Ice Cube meets Nate Dogg I am still happy to represent.

I have rocked the black skirt with the Snoop vest over a black vest with this awesome fluffy cardigan. I have to admit when I first saw it I couldn't decide if I loved or hates it but I have learnt that if I feel like that about clothes I should buy them because they always end up being the items I love. It is super warm and so cute.

It looks a little like this. If you are interested in seeing outfit posts let me know and I will be sure to post them so you can see what they look like on. I seem to avoid he camera.

This dress I am so in love with but sadly I had to return it because it was too small around the chest. SO if anyone knows where I can get a dress like this I NEED to know.. It is screaming to be worn with a pair of huge dolly shoes I have.

I did manage to swap it for this dress though. Very cute leather look skirt with a beaded collar. 

 This bag was only £2 so I grabbed it and it was super handy while I was away in Turkey. Small but still manages to hold a lot.
Let me know what you have been buying lately :)


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