Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

8 Bit Ninjas Nice Chaps

Since I am stepping back into film making I thought it would be cool over a few posts to introduce you to a blast from the past of some of the wok I have done before. 

A few years back I entered a Birmingham based film challenge with a team mate. The challenge was for a team of film makers to be randomly paired with some musicians. We literally picked a random CD out of a box.

We were super lucky and got the awesome band 8 bit ninjas!
Two talented geektastic guys from Walsall who played electronic music inspired by computer games. This duo are now down to one but 8 bit ninjas are still creating great sounds so check them and the video out.  Amazing match for us and although we didn’t win we had great fun filming this video. All the zombies that came down on the day were amazing no complaints despite the heat and long hours! special thanks to the robot Liam who was stuck in costume all day.


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